Stretchfoil replacement


in stack of goods transport,


by means of an elastic covering





 The inventive new


Whether delicate fruit or heavy parts, all stacks of goods have so far been wrapped with stretch films for shipping. Does it have to stay that way? The solution came to me in a flash.


Motivated to find a future-oriented substitute for tons of film material - which remains as problematic waste after each delivery - I found the solution in a new device: a simple “tensile casing” that could be used hundreds of times was created.


This device is able to fix the stack of goods on their transport routes (including those on the

many air- & sea transports) against slipping and falling. It holds the stacks tightly from the top edge of the pallet or just above.



The advantage


... of this device is that your warehouse staff - in the transport provision - is comparatively 2/3 faster. Just once around the pallet> connect the skirting boards> turn and fix the clamping crank> the goods are ready for dispatch. Even expensive pallet wrapping machines are slow and cumbersome.


So far, at least 30 meters of stretch film - X times running around the stack of goods - have been applied.


This would solve the mountains' serious environmental problem of plastic waste. This casing thus contributes significantly to environmental, air and water protection.


This in turn strengthens your corporate prestige from an environmentally conscious supplier.



The scope


... is given on all block-shaped stacking towers; these could then be delivered without stretch films.

The "block-shaped" probably represent the vast majority in the shipping of goods.


Only the bulky stacks of goods therefore still require the usual filming process.

In particular, smaller distribution warehouses without automatic palletizers would have the full advantages with these devices.


Only 1 palletizer is also sufficient to apply this simple device.


It would be sensible as well as desirable that the market leaders in the industry integrate this device into their portfolio.



The product


The sheathing is made of durable, lightweight and inexpensive protective fence netting - which encloses the stack of goods. The ends of the sheathing are permanently connected with hardwood strips of approx. 16 x 25 mm.


A ratchet is used for tensioning, which is attached to one of the strips by means of a connecting bracket. The bracket bridges the space between the slats that allows the sheathing to be rolled around the (other) axis slat. The head of the axle strip is a 1/2" square*. 


The square eye of the ratchet strip is fitted with this square head of the axle strip.  Also at the lower end - with a ratchet-free counterpart - the ratchet strip is attached to the strip partners, whereby the sheathing is tensioned evenly.


For tightening, the "palletizer" starts at the top, with its cordless screwdriver square (or a square spanner). 


After the pallet has been unclothed (by unlocking button on the eye of the pallet), the entire sheathing is tightened with the square cordless screwdriver in a horizontal strip position to form compact, crease-free rod rolled up. This enables a quick and orderly return by the same truck.



* Any other head profile is possible here and a slit, cross or torx could be impressed on the top of the head for tightening - but an international standard must be issued by the umbrella organisation for the global exchange of goods.



On profitability 


The drivers bring their own pallets - and now also the wrapping - back to the dispatch warehouse (or are given a deposit). 


You and your customers will certainly find - by using this simple remedy - a considerable relief. 


The purchase will quickly become a plus due to the reduced working time and the film cost savings.       


You can estimate for your company from when the lasting advantages of this "alternative" will start to bear fruit. 


Every customer can order the required version in terms of height, casing length, material and company logo. For sheaths that are worn out after long use, the service of a new application is offered.



 It is up to everyone to produce and market this simple but useful device! You can reach me under: thalhammerm@yahoo.de or Tel.: +43(0)1 9195724


It is all of the stretch films that decompose rather quickly into the dreaded microplastics. Every tonne less of this is of great benefit to us and the environment. So far there has been quite a bit worldwide!




 Why patent-free? In global implementation, the flow of money and goods is reduced - shrinking to what is regionally possible.  Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of 8 billion, in a turbulent climate and general shortage. Many things will become completely ad-absurdum - in other words, the I think will give way to a general WE!  


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The "coincidence" of good ideas usually overtakes me at night - in my sleep - like a gift to mankind that comes from above.

Other principles have unfortunately been instilled in us from BELOW; such as the use of uranium, dynamite or the motorised combustion of fossil fuels. They brought about unspeakable, mass suffering in war or the inglorious climate warming caused by the unchecked increase in CO2 worldwide.


This also brought about the restless competition. Because permafrost is now also releasing its methane, the rapidly changing climate could become hell on earth.

Let us therefore quickly seize effective opportunities - which, by means of technical and also intellectual alternatives or habits, guarantee a timely reversal and ensure a livelihood for further generations.





 # You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 


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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen. 


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# Why patent-free?

Reduced flows of money and goods are happening globally - shrinking to the regionally possible. Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of the ~ 8 billion majority, the turbulent climate and the general shortage of other opportunities. A lot of it is completely absurd - also because self-thinking and competition thinking will make way for a general >WE<.

Warum patentfrei? 

Global vollziehen sich gerade reduzierte Geld- und Warenströme; sie schrumpfen auf das Regionale. Bisherige Megastrukturen weichen dem Wertewandel der ~ 8 Milliarden-Menschheit, im turbulenten Klima und der allgemeinen Verknappung weiterer Möglichkeiten. Vieles führt sich nun selbst ad-absurdum - auch, weil das Ich- und Konkurrenzdenken einem allgemeinen >WIR< Platz machen wird.


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