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Actually, I just wanted to write a factual website; now it also became one about our deep human longing. Now, in the midst of the Covid pandemic and after two decades of communicating my technical approaches to various industries, I am urged to show a connection to both.

Therefore, in the last buttons I focus on the economic, biological and technical components, also on the human-emotional basis. The preceding buttons for technical solutions could currently be more easily used collectively! This is my great hope and vision.

May you, dear reader, discover new and exciting things in both aspects.


We live together in a particularly beautiful, but also very sensitive living space. And so we suffer the consequences of the constant destruction of nature together, but noticeably differently depending on the region.

In the opinion of our far-sighted system researchers, only geothermal and solar thermal energy, wind and water power and the use of solar foils are now considered climate-neutral energy options. Nuclear, fossil, cobalt / lithium and hydrogen uses would therefore have to be avoided even now - despite the high energy density of these substances.

Why? Because otherwise - in connection with chemistry-based turbo farming and the effects of current world trade - we will come under pressure. Many of the previous structures are likely to suffer unusual break-ins. The processes within the capital structures are also increasingly experiencing the same turbulence as our global climate.

This process could also clear up everything that is actually getting out of hand. Then it also opens up insights and ways to what we and the entire biosphere lack - namely biodiversity, healthy use of arable land, water and air, and, and, and


Whether we are accompanied by the following alternatives to further epochs depends less on concerns about our wealth than on how firmly we believe in a life in a good future!

With 8 billion people on earth, we are gradually running out of air, water and raw materials.


The current economic model of competition is becoming increasingly absurd and would drive us into blind overexploitation and new devastating wars.


In mutual honest recognition, however, as “one human race”, the necessary power for wise actions can also grow. If our diverse cultures reflect on their own roots and customs and the local economy in their own regions, then this global crisis will also have to be overcome. In addition, the existing non-fossil, sustainable technoloies shold, indeed must, be furter expanded.


What is preventing the rapid achievement of the existing SDG contracts? Is it just the interests of those who are successful in rogue ?; who got rich with resource theft and patent blockades, wealth transfers and crypto trading or with tons of weapons and drug deals? Does it really only come to our environmental problems because of powerful capital and economic pirates?

By those in the first place; But I think that would be too short-sighted: Despite decades of expert warnings and despite the many environmentally conscious people, no real change of course has yet been achieved; too many are only geared towards consumption.


We should also take practicable measures against our global urbanization trend. It is up to the policy of all national interests that the domestic-regional exchange of goods gains legal priority, above all widely dispersing world trade. This is the only way to free our economy and the agricultural peasantry from the global pressure of wage and market dumping on our essential consumer goods.


Which state-ordered, future-oriented regulators now make sense, specifically with regard to work and the economy, and also with regard to ethics, freedom and morality? Here it can be seen that, for example, work in the form of "what there is not all to do" should never, yes, never run out.

Especially in the case of regionally protected economic activity, every community useful activity can also find a worthwhile job. Even if all work were done through automation, the masses of those freed up in this way would actually have to receive a basic income free of work.

The so rationalized companies would actually owe this to the general public! In this example, this basic income would be from the profit and machine tax levies, to be used in social benefits regulated in this way.

That means that working relieving modernizations have to be socialized! Otherwise, of course, there will always be protests and situations similar to civil war - a hungri men is angri men - women too.

And to the moral area: A middle ground has to be designed between the compulsory "one child  regulation" and the all too permissive abortion!

Both cause psychological damage, are morally intolerable and destroy entire families and not just unborn human children. This also requires precise statistics on this area, and of course further supportive measures to protect mother and life!


In general, important questions arise about consumer behavior, basic fears, loss of values, violence and attacks in the family, agricultural poisons, monocultures, bees and insects dying, humus runoff, land grabbing and mass migration, over- and simultaneous malnutrition, arms industry, wars, Nuclear power plants and their fatal consequences, the destruction of the rainforest, the unchecked increase in CO2 and good solutions to the difficult socialization of general urbanization - which (and many others) require good solutions and urgent implementation.

The last two centuries in particular have shown a frighteningly rapid thinning compared to the previously wondrous diversity of life.


But the error of our dangerous competitive thinking can still be converted into ethically fruitful achievements!


Contrary to the interests of the economic hierarchy - down from high finance to nuclear power operators, the armaments industries, OPEC and all the vehicle and electronics manufacturers - our summit resolutions on CO² reduction exist. The long-required restructuring is already set in the Sustainable Development Gools in terms of time and morality. The U-turn from all of our dead ends is necessary and also possible!

Otherwise, for example, the auto industry will succeed in getting our "Liebkind Auto" onto the streets in the form of e-vehicles (which are created in soulless robot factories emptied by humans). However, with still excessive ranges, high prices and the old heavyweight - the quickest rework is decisive!


So it is also about the urgently needed SOLUTIONS to the problems of common industrial production. What can protect us from the consequences of the already intensely dynamic, structurally structured threats?

Where water, air and fertile earth suffer such detrimental changes, life as a whole is threatened. There are also new moral problems; E.g. that stable interpersonal relationships and those with our Creator decrease. The preservation of the family and respect for life lose strength and terrain, with serious consequences.

God tells us: I'll make everything new.


Hence something deeply human:    


Visions for an extended future


To do this, I have to do away with the old prejudice that our "enlightenment" and the earlier religious values are incompatible. People rightly seek to be embedded in the largest possible frame of reference. However, knowledge and reason alone cannot provide the security in which God wants us to be included.

Genesis, for example, has conclusive explanations about the beginnings of our existence. Well, the Bible conveys pictorial periods of creation to an old understanding; it still offers us considered, conclusive answers.


Because what made the big bang pop, space & time and the elements? To our mortality and our origins, all the clever, successful, exact science gives zero meaningful and calm answers. 

Without will, information, perfect wisdom, highest love, (God's) omnipotence or absolute truth, this planned life development can never have started the long way into the splendid appearance! 

Therefore, nothing becomes nothing - life comes from the living God! We shouldn't want to disconnect from that! Therefore, we are - faster than ever - similar to an embryo before its approaching birth:


It too is getting too tight and there is a threat of undersupply. The little person can also not imagine the world outside, and so he is afraid of existence. It is actually about to be or not to be - life or death!

The placenta has been used up, the environment is becoming increasingly toxic, and there is great distress - the narrow birth canal.

Mother and child (and ultimately also the father) come to the limit of their potential.


Globally, among other things, the lack of biodiversity leads us to precarious drops in nutrition. Here, too, the good air, the clean, sufficient water and the general quality of life are diminished. Actually, this limited world - despite our efforts - can only be hopelessly lost.  


The Russian Nobel Prize for Literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said: "People have forgotten God, and that is the reason for the problems of the present. We will not find solutions without man´s return to the creator of all things."


And the renowned founder of hagiotherapy, Tomislav Ivancic, asks - Does the child in the womb know that it has a mother? He offers the following comparisons:

"Human life is like the course of a river. At the moment of conception, a person arises as if from an invisible source, grows up for nine months, before flowing into the world through a bottleneck like a river between rock walls. But then it grows again, as if it continued to flow on this earth from year to year, finally flowing through the gorge of death into the ocean of eternity.


In other words, man goes through different worlds as he enters the finale of life. First he lives in the world of his mother's body. There it grows from a small, tiny embryo to a fully grown infant of nine months. Then he leaves the world of the womb, dies for that world and is born into the world of the "earthly body".


If he gets too old for the world of the womb, he can no longer live there and has to go out as if he had to die. But at that moment he begins to live among us, tiny and small, without consciousness of his own.

Then he grows and begins to run, finishes school, grows up to be a young person, an adult person, and later an old man or an old woman, and finally, having matured again, out of the body of this world into another , eternal, to be born into the world of God.


Life does not end with being old, but one becomes ripe for another life. Just as a child did not end its life after nine months in the womb, but became mature to be born in another world. It is interesting that the child lives in the womb but the mother does not see it. She cannot touch her, knows nothing about them and has to ask what is actually outside the shell of the womb.




Similarly, the person who lives here on earth feels like in a strange body. He does not see who sent him to earth, whose sympathetic and gentle hands hold and carry him, what is outside of earthly life, where the end of the universe is, whether the universe has an end at all and where God is. Just as a child is in the mother, moves, there is without knowing where the mother is.




People say they do not know and cannot know whether there is God. They are similar to the child who says that it cannot know whether there is a mother. But the mother feeds it, takes care of it, is tender to it. And if the mother is angry or happy, the child feels it in the womb. It is similar with us in the "body" of this earth.

We don't know where God is and we wonder if he can be seen and heard. But God is there for us like a mother is for her child and like the sea is there for the fish that swim in it. "... More about this can be found in his book:  How to heal family and marriage.                                                                                                                 

  ~ ~ ~


Need teaches us to pray, and even through a bad conscience, improvement can be practiced and old actions can be turned into good deeds. Then ONE came! His name is Jesus - that means Savior. He taught us, and continues to teach us today - we need one another, and we need release from the collective debt accumulation through Christ.      His knowledge, his promise - God will prepare "a new heaven and a new earth" for us - is decisive! Let's get ready for God's loving provision and look for His presence.

As a prayer, I also understand that from other images of God as effective and healing. Completely without blame - we are dependent on a we and a togetherness, yes! We can only get through there together and have to pray together for the unifying light at the end of the tunnel.

This time as "origin" instead of the former "big bang" 13.81 billion years ago. And - only those who live turned towards the good will find an easy death - in the eventual return home. For Christians through the Reconciler, Son of God.


Science, technology, profit-oriented action and the striving for expansion are ultimately not at all too much at odds with God's commission to us humans, which has always accompanied our histories and our religious ambitions. With trust and life affirmation, real eternity arises in fellowship with God, our Father - as the good, beautiful and true goal.                           

Therefore we should and may be patient with the whole world, and first with ourselves! There are still too many who are striving materially higher and higher and who find it difficult to forego the wide range of consumer goods.