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Previously, TubeWaySolar was a purely technical website; now it also became one about our deep human longing, starting with the button "What Darwin Didn't Know", and "We and our climate".

Now, in the midst of the Covid pandemic I am urged to combine the two.

Because of the everywhere recognizable climate crisis, my alternative solutions could be used collectively. If you, dear reader, discover and network within yourself in all that is helpful and worth knowing, a great dream of humanity, as the treasure of a new freedom, will be lifted. This is my great hope and vision.

May you, dear reader, discover new and exciting things in both aspects. 



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BUTTON MENU: The start here is made by a self-propelled agricultural machine; followed by the concept of a large tube post for people and goods - "TubeWaySolar" - which was started in 2001. All other approaches can also be opened via a button on the sidebar.



We live together in a particularly beautiful, but also very sensitive living space. And so we suffer the consequences of the constant destruction of nature together, but noticeably differently depending on the region.

Many of the previous structures are likely to suffer unusual break-ins. The processes within the capital structures are also increasingly experiencing the same turbulence as our global climate.


In the opinion of our far-sighted system researchers, only geothermal and solar thermal energy, wind and water power and the use of solar foils are now considered climate-neutral energy options. Fully automatic waste sorting systems are also gaining an increasing role, as well as wind columns such as from Vortex-Bladeless in three sizes.  Nuclear, fossil, cobalt / lithium and hydrogen uses would therefore have to be avoided even now - despite the high energy density of these substances. 

Why? Because otherwise - in connection with chemistry-based turbo farming and the effects of current world trade - we will come under pressure. 

This process could also clear up everything that is actually getting out of hand. Then it also opens up insights and ways to what we and the entire biosphere lack - namely biodiversity, healthy use of arable land, water and air, and, and, and


Whether we are accompanied by the following alternatives to further epochs depends less on concerns about our wealth than on how firmly we believe in a life in a good future!


But with 8 billion people on earth, we are gradually running out of air, water and raw materials.

Yet, the current economic model of competition is becoming increasingly absurd and would drive us into blind overexploitation and new devastating wars.In mutual honest recognition, however, as “one human race”, the necessary power for wise actions can also grow.


If our diverse cultures reflect on their own roots and customs and the local economy in their own regions, then this global crisis will also have to be overcome. In addition, the existing non-fossil, sustainable technoloies shold, indeed must, be furter expanded.


We should also take practicable measures against our global urbanization trend. It is up to the policy of all national interests that the domestic-regional exchange of goods gains legal priority, above all widely dispersing

world trade. This is the only way to free our economy and especially the agricultural

peasantry from the globalpressure of wage and market dumping

on our essential consumer goods.

     But the error of our dangerous competitive thinking can still be converted into ethically fruitful achievements!


Contrary to the interests of the prevailing economic hierarchy - down from high finance, to nuclear power operators, the armaments industries, OPEC and all the vehicle and electronics manufacturers - our summit resolutions on CO2 reduction and the SDGs, which have long been morally necessary, are passed for further generations to grant a livelihood worth living.


State-decreed, future-oriented regulations make sense with regard to work and the economy, and also with regard to ethics, freedom and morality. It should be noted here that work in the form of "what there is not everything to do" never runs out. And with regionally protected economic activity, every activity that is useful to the local authority can find a worthwhile job.

Even if all work were done through automation, the masses of “released” people should also receive a basic income without work. The so rationalized companies would actually owe this to the general public!


The U-turn from our dead ends is necessary and possible. The inventions set out below could find broad application here. It is about easily implementable solutions to the problem areas of our construction, agriculture and transport. My approaches enable CO2 emissions, steel and concrete consumption and other resources to be reduced by 80%.


Let us therefore quickly seize effective opportunities - which, by means of technical alternatives allow us to turn back in time and give future generations a livelihood. A fully automated waste sorting system can also play a role in this. 



The following dozen buttons contain future-proof, sustainable inventions; in particular, they are directed at politicians and the respective industrial product manufacturers and are a license-free offer on my part.  


There are holistic analyses of the problem and a number of models and technical alternatives for counteracting climate change. Nor is it easy to convince people that a drastic reduction in oil production, with less asphalt, agrochemicals, cement and plastics, will change some of the things they love. 

But let's be honest, isn't it concretely about the fastest possible care, towards natural soil fertility with all the insects essential for pollination? Don't we want to still have something on our plates from our gardens and fields tomorrow? 



Copyright: M.Th., Vienna, during the 2020/21 pandemic


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