UPCYCLING for cargo ships






Each of the tens of millions of cargo ships that cross our oceans are downsized after their seaworthy operating time in Third World countries


Instead, these structurally valuable structures could be given a second useful life.


 At piers or on land keel up, they would - with a correspondingly extended operating license, expanded as a multi-purpose space - still provide valuable services for several years. Whether as a school, opera, museum, department store, gallery, hospital, restaurant or for communal living - offers such a ship's belly many possibilities. In new buildings, such facilities cost scarce resources, occupy a lot of urban space and hardly have any more of a lifetime.




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The "coincidence" of good ideas usually overtakes me at night - in my sleep - like a gift to mankind that comes from above.

Other principles have unfortunately been instilled in us from BELOW; such as the use of uranium, dynamite or the motorised combustion of fossil fuels. They brought about unspeakable, mass suffering in war or the inglorious climate warming caused by the unchecked increase in CO2 worldwide.


This also brought about the restless competition. Because permafrost is now also releasing its methane, the rapidly changing climate could become hell on earth.

Let us therefore quickly seize effective opportunities - which, by means of technical and also intellectual alternatives or habits, guarantee a timely reversal and ensure a livelihood for further generations.









Inflated wings also for cargo ships


90% of all long-distance freight is done on "dirty" sea routes.


This should and must be different in the future. Is now also good and cheap to implement! With the simple and revolutionary invention of two Swiss inventors can be realized also 1000 m² sail areas. These perform independently and without strong force on the mast and canvas propulsion work. Large ships can now be equipped with 4 to 6 thousand m² of wind power.


See the 8 min. VIDEO on:




as well: www.inflatedwingsails.com



                                          Statements of the inventors of the Inflated-Wing-Sail:



"It's the first sailboat that really gave me pleasure sailing because it mixes aircraft and yachting technologies ...»

Laurent de Kalbermatten, aviator and IWS creator


«IWS offers a sensation of freedom with a balanced rigging while minimizing effort on the boat»

Edouard Kessi, sailor and IWS creator

A concept


IWS is made of:

A double skin forming a symetric airfoil

Fans placed inside the leading edge, stabilizing the sail's shape for every wind conditions

Free-standing and retractable mast located at the airfoil's aerodynamic center




The IWS for yachts:



The advantages


The sail flies vertically

The NACA airfoil has been studied to develop a high driving force for a low righting moment

Using a symetric airfoil allows to tack to one side of another without having to trim the sail shape

The symetric airfoil is balanced and placed itself in the best position to maximize the driving force

The aerodynamic center stays stable in every wind condition

This kind of sail could easily be driven by an automatic system






Shape control using the internal pressure

no battens

no local stress

better aging

The wing flies vertically and does not create local stress inside the membrane (light sail cloth used for both ribs and the fairing)

Little heel angle upwind

Perfect for gigantic sails such as superyachts

Free-standing, retractable and light mast hidden inside the wing

Less leeway control needed

A refined deck of any hardware

IWS behaves like a muscle,


No flapping

No dynamic stress

Spectacular absorption of the pitching effect

Wing twist controlled by internal pressure

IWS sailplan


No compression forces in the rigging which allows the use of a retractable mast

No leech tension. The sheet is only used to adjust the wing in its best angle

The free-standing rigging allows gybing with the wing going forward around the mast, which makes the maneuver a lot easier



IWS controls the sail area


Mast and sail expension varies according to the desired sail area

Dropping the IWS is made by deflating the wing and retracting the mast

The light boom, called "Nest" ®, is integrated into the wing and receives the part of the sail that has been dropped and deflated

Being able to retract the mast allows a huge decrease in drag and pitch forces during motoring or while at the dock





Cruising Yachts A brand new yachting philosophy

Huge sails for passenger or cargo ships. With IWS, there is no more stress in the sail cloth, the rig or the ship structure. This system would allow sail propulsion for this kind of vessel




prototype created using a laser dinghy.


International patent application.

Comparison between a normal Laser dinghy and one with the IWS system.

Performances and advantages validated.


2017 NEWS:

To analyze all the advantages of the IWS system, a 42m² wing has been built for a 5.5m one design boat. The retractable mast made out of 5 sections deploys up to 13m using a pneumatic system

Test period is finished. The boat sails on lake Geneva and is at your disposal for sea trials

Our experience on the IWS proved that this system is very simple, efficient and user friendly.





 # You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 


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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen. 


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# Why patent-free?

Reduced flows of money and goods are happening globally - shrinking to the regionally possible. Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of the ~ 8 billion majority, the turbulent climate and the general shortage of other opportunities. A lot of it is completely absurd - also because self-thinking and competition thinking will make way for a general >WE<.

Warum patentfrei? 

Global vollziehen sich gerade reduzierte Geld- und Warenströme; sie schrumpfen auf das Regionale. Bisherige Megastrukturen weichen dem Wertewandel der ~ 8 Milliarden-Menschheit, im turbulenten Klima und der allgemeinen Verknappung weiterer Möglichkeiten. Vieles führt sich nun selbst ad-absurdum - auch, weil das Ich- und Konkurrenzdenken einem allgemeinen >WIR< Platz machen wird.


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