We and our climate



What to do


in the face of




global heating?





This article talks about our outer and inner atmosphere which both have

an effect on our climate.



First, the outer atmosphere und our climate:


Without its atmosphere, life on earth would be like on the moon: freezing cold, a black and white landscape, no blue sky, scattered light and no protective filters against the harsh radiation. On earth, there are a few kilometers of breathable air above us.


However, there's also a layer of heavy CO2, which was only 3 meters tall before the industrialization. In the meantime, however, it has already reached an average height of almost 40 meters. 

The toxic CO2 level is constantly being increased by traffic. This causes the strong turbulences and extreme weather conditions between the warm "glass house roof" and the colder air above it.


"So it remains absurd that we have to set 1 to 2 tonnes of metal in motion in order to drive around an average human of 80 kilograms", posted the press spokesman of the VCÖ on LinkedIn. He is referring to the way we typically use cars.

If the exhause pipe was inside the car, the driver would be dead after one or two kilometers. But life on earth is slowly suffering the same fate.


The consequential costs of the climate catastrophe amount to several times the known investments in phasing out fossil fuel!



The high proportion of fine dust (in the nano range) which has recently formed can unfortunately cross both cell walls and the brain barrier. Fine dust is carcinogenic and damaging to our genetic makeup. It is therefore high time we rid our entire economy and transportation system of fossil fuels!


The consequential costs of the damage caused by climate catastrophes are several times higher than the investments known to be needed to phase out fossil energies! At the same time, a large amount of private assets is passively stored in its administration. But we are also called upon, each and every one of us, to make conscious decisions with regards to sustainability every day, to demand industrial environmental standards and adopting a consumption-critical mindset. 


Of course there are opportunities and ways out. On the other hand, the dynamics of encrusted structures and their shareholders (5%) are frighteningly sluggish! They are blocking the path to a greener, cleaner, more peaceful world. They seem to care only about their returns, the utilisation of the remaining raw materials and the finiteness of their earthly life. 

Their "private ownership" of 90%! of all assets should desperately be made public! One can accept those who have become rich in this way - just like other people - as they are. Overcoming today's crises - which we all share and which affect us all - is inevitable.


Some shareholders, however, are still held hostage by the all-dominant dictatorship of interest money and returns. Their capitalist power then often only pays for their own structural maintenance: arms manufacturers, nuclear lobbies, agricultural corporations, oil, chemical and electricity magnates, concreters and vehicle manufacturers, and so on. 

But it is high time to reduce fossil fuels in our entire economy and the transportation system!



   This is just one version of the transition from current economic and financial dead ends      


Neither the current economy, nor politics, nor wind turbine parks, hydrogen, silicon modules, concrete construction technology, e-mobility or vegan diets are able to change our climate and raw material crisis. They only offer a limited compensation for the necessary restructuring for adequate biological footprints. 


But general debt relief could be the gamechanger! It is necessary to protect work, trade, mobility and earthly existence itself from the impending global financial collapse. This turnaround would probably have to come from the finance industry itself. It should, indeed must, ensure climatic survival and a new beginning in terms of finances. As early as 594 BC, the Greek polis of Athens took a similar step of solidarity – with benefits for all*.


This new decision would neither affect existing hierarchies nor the respective state structures. Above all, it would shift a great deal of capital, which is mostly lying passive, into environmentally compatible projects, thus preparing the technically necessary conditions for fossil-free production and clean traffic. This does not mean a new era of communism, because this measure would only achieve what was achieved in biblical times every 50 years by the Jewish year of Jubilee. 

Along with such a cut, there would also be good chances for "TOPten4cleanFuture" – i.e. the transport solutions laid out on TubeWay-Solar – to be implemented. This is because they efficiently stabilize the precarious situation of plant life and the heated climate. 


Newly industrialized countries would also experience debt relief – and then be able to manage themselves! 

There is the permissible question: if all states have a more or less high debt burden – to whom are all these debts owed, or who has borrowed such enormous sums in real terms? Due to the pandemic costs and the resulting situation on the world market, the global financial system as a whole is probably no longer going to yield "lucrative profits". This is precisely what makes a radical new start likely. 

For example, the renowned Lary Fink, head of Blackrock, could take on the role of the historical Greek Solon*. After all, he is an experienced front man among asset managers, with reputations in all currencies and good contacts with several major investors!


What to do in the face of rapid global heating? It is only in the paradigm shift to sufficient "green investment" that the Bitcoin jugglers and gun lobbyists have reached the end of their flagpoles.



 * Around 600 BC, trade was flourishing in Athens. Grain imported from abroad was cheaper than that from small farmers at home, so many became impoverished and social unrest ensued. To prevent a bloody civil war, the Athenian population made the aristocrat Solon arbitrator in 594 BC. 

The reforms that followed formed the basis of Athenian democracy ("rule by the people"). The Greek historian Plutarch wrote in 100 BC about the social problems before Solon's reforms.

The entire Greek people were in debt to the rich. Either they worked the land and delivered one sixth of the proceeds, or if they had contracted debts under serfdom, they were taken away by the creditors and served as slaves. Many were also forced to sell their own children. Once Solon had control over the situation, he freed the people by forbidding loans on people and by cancelling debts [...].   

Source: Plutarch > Solon, translated by K. Ziegler, Stuttgart 1954, p. 224.





The concerted superiority of highly developed regions leaves the disadvantaged countries no economic leeway. On the other hand, their rapid advance also makes them inflexible and blind to technically simple alternatives. In any case, this technical superiority alienates us humans from naturalness, empathy and heartfelt public spirit.

Two worlds, rich and poor, two perspectives – both trapped in themselves – have formed. This state of affairs must be justly balanced - otherwise both worlds will be lost!


If all work were done by progressive automation, the masses of "freed" people would also have to receive a work-free basic income. The companies rationalised in this way would actually owe this to general social hygiene! 


In particular, the already developed non-fossil, sustainable technologies should, indeed must, be further expanded. Many meaningful occupations can still be found in these.




Concerning our inner atmosphere 


For more than 200 years, some technological developments, purely monetary and economic-political interests, soulless industries and questionable scientific applications have led us into dangerous mazes. 


Since then, humans have become rather egocentric and caught up in zeitgeist trends. In addition, we/I know very little about our global environment, about our/my history, and successful but highly complex product developments. Insecurity makes us arrogant, and makes us forget our eternal soul nature. The whence and whither of things and of our own existence no longer seem coherent to us and cause us to suppress essentials (uprooting and loss of values).


The industrial revolution has diminished the previously wondrous diversity of nature and brings everything to the edge of existence. The error of our dangerous competitive thinking can still be transformed into the ethically fruitful achievements of an ecological community of solidarity.


For where water, air and fertile soil suffer such detrimental changes, all life is threatened.

life as a whole is threatened. Added to this are new moral problems: e.g. that

stable interpersonal relationships and those with our Creator are diminishing.

are diminishing. Family preservation and respect for life are thus lose 

their power and terrain – along with all the serious consequences!



It is also necessary that previous labour activities that are eliminated by automation are compensated socially. Otherwise, protests and civil war-like conditions remain a threat: because "a hungry men is an angry men – women too".

Even if all work were done through automation, the masses of “unoccupied” people should also receive a basic income without work. The companies streamlined in this way would actually owe this to society. There are still many meaningful occupations to be found here.


What, for example, is preventing the swift achievement of existing, ethically high SDG treaties? Is it only the interests of those who are successful in greed, who have become rich with resource theft and patent blockades, wealth transfers and bitcoin trading or with arms and drug deals?

Is it really only because of powerful capital, environmental and economic pirates that we have social and environmental problems? They are probably the main cause, but I think there's more to it:

Despite decades of expert warnings and despite the many environmentally conscious people, no real change of course has yet succeeded - because too many people are only tuned to consumption. 


Well, all this could and will change for the better through greater insight!

However, the earth and with it we are currently experiencing a similar situation as an embryo before its approaching birth:

It, too, is becoming too cramped and is threatened with insufficiency. The little human being also cannot imagine the world outside, and so it is afflicted with existential fear. It is really a matter of being or not being – of life and death!

The placenta is depleted, the environment becomes increasingly toxic, and it enters the great distress in the narrow birth canal. Mother and child (and ultimately also the father) come to the very edge of their possible strength.


Globally, this actual leads to a lack of biodiversity, precarious supply shortages in food, and we are deprived of good air, clean, sufficient water and the general quality of life.


In fact, despite all our efforts, this world, which is always limited, should be lost without salvation! 

Now, how do we move forward?  The penultimate button, Visions of an Expanded Future, deals with the opportunities arising from the inner aspects of human existence. Because all our building sites overtax the individual and therefore need a different approach.

It is no longer about climate concerns or technical solutions and who could pay for and implement them, but about that very personal security that everyone has in their hands and cant find alone with a heartfelt decision.



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For 18 years I have been developing sustainable technological ideas in the areas of mobility, agriculture, zero plastic, sustainable construction and much more.

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