Visions of an





 Before we continue, dear reader, to look at the spiritual, a few words about our "reality":


Real in the world of human beings is everything, really everything, that has to do with profession, production, various achievements and social prestige - in other words, with money. As a result, everyone, really everyone, is in a special social position. Now, however, the vibrating sieve of industries, finance and the general acting and thinking based on competition causes a certain imperceptible "soul robbery".

This leads to land grabbing, child labour, regional extreme poverty, ethnocide, extinction of occupational groups and all kinds of appropriation of resources by the few. Everyone has become replaceable and counts only with his or her consumer wealth and as a vote-getter - or does not count at all - in the case of existential poverty. In the long run, no protective functions, such as health and pension funds, will help us. Nor do digitalisation, algorithms and cheaper robots - replace millions of previously working people. So much for the "big picture".


However, other vibrating screens counter this just as successfully - through our capacity for empathy, our moral codes and through a solidarity that is certainly inherent in every heart. For ethical-human parameters also weave in the other - in the strong safety net - which guides us towards the final, eternally decided final decision - in order to ultimately bring us home, to rescue us and to save us in all kinds of danger. What counts here are our many "small" deeds, speaking, feeling and thinking - as well as motivation, ability and any inability that may exist - through all of this we experience goodwill before God.   



      Now I want to write about something deeply human

The renowned founder of hagiotherapy, Tomislav Ivancic, asks: "Does the child in the womb know that it has a mother?" He offers the following comparisons:


"Human life is like the course of a river. At the moment of conception, a human being springs up as if from an invisible source, grows for nine months to flow through a bottleneck like a river between rock walls into the world.


But then it grows again, as if flowing from year to year on this earth, to finally flow through the bottleneck of death into the ocean of eternity.

In other words, we live through different worlds as we enter the finale of life.


First it lives in the world of the mother's womb. There it grows from a small, tiny embryo to a full-grown infant of nine months, then leaves the world of the womb, dies for that world and is born into the world of the "earthly body".

When it becomes too old for the world of the womb, it can no longer live there and must go out as if to die. But in that moment it begins to live among us, tiny and small, without consciousness of its own.


Then it grows and begins to walk, finishes school, grows into a young person, into an adult, and later into an old man or woman, to finally, having matured again, be born out of the womb of this world into another, eternal one, into the world of God.


So being old does not end one's life, but one matures into another life. Just like a child after nine months in the womb does not end its life, but has become ripe to be born into another world.

It is interesting that the child lives in the womb but does not see the mother. It cannot touch her, knows nothing about her and has to wonder what is actually on the outside of the womb. 


Similarly, we humans here on earth feels as if we were in a strange body. We cannot see who sent us to earth, whose sympathetic and gentle hands hold and carry us, what is outside of earthly life, where the end of the universe is, whether the universe ends at all, and where God is.

Just as a child lives and moves inside the mother, without knowing where the mother is.

People say they do not know and cannot know whether God exists. They are like the child who says it cannot know whether its mother exists. But the mother feeds it, cares for it. And when the mother is angry or happy, the child can feel it in the womb.


Similarly we are sitting in the "womb" of this earth. We don't know where God is and wonder if he can be seen and heard.

But God is there for us, just as a mother is there for her child and as the sea is there for the fish that swim in it."

… More on this can be found in his book: Healing Family and Marriage.


~ ~ ~


In general, good. supportive maternal and life protection measures are also useful and important.   

Single parents should be paid full-time wages for six working hours a day (or three in the half-day sector) to compensate them for their services and duties to their child/children. 

Also we should take practicable and effective measures against the worldwide trend of urbanisation towards re-ecologisation. After all, this trend is followed by: high divorce rates, loss of values, workaholism, one-night stands, drug and pornography addiction, etc. – all because of the creeping loneliness of anonymous consumers. To many, of course, the "country air makes you free turn" seems impractical, uncomfortable and unattainable; yet it would be wholesome, beneficial and ultimately necessary. As an example, see the articles: Autonomous drive on the fields and Wooden wall elements.  


Either we form a global partnership to care for the Earth and for each other, or we risk ruining ourselves and the diversity of life.


However, religious people and their church communities also bear responsibility today with regards to preserving Creation; every believer should be aware of dangerous technologies and, in the sense of this responsibility, advocate for change.* 

Religion turns towards and away from the world at the same time. It turns towards it because it deeply understands the suffering inherent in it and it turns away from it because it is not prepared to accept that suffering without expansion.


Now, first and foremost, as always, it is about our relationship with our Creator, through whom we receive life.   


I am convinced that if we stand by God's laws and entrust ourselves to His grace, our environment and our relationships with each other will heal.


Science, technology, profit-oriented action and expansionism are actually not all that much at odds with God's mission to us humans, which has always discreetly accompanied our histories and our religious ambitions. With trust and affirmation of life comes eternal life in communion with God our Father – the one good, beautiful and true goal.


All cultures that disregarded God have suffered from weaknesses after a few generations. Simply because the god atmosphere in their families and their communities, which was blessed by Him, diminished and cooled/overheated because they disavowed Him.


Today, it is mainly strange spiritual ideas, such as self-redemption, the omnipresent propagation of the values of a self-centred society and its exaggerated belief in progress, which have lead people away from God.


I am also concerned about our current interventions in the natural processes of conception and birth. After all, this kind of "freedom and feasibility" can cause many a woman psychological problems afterwards. It also seems morally difficult to me; after all, they destroy unborn life - according to WHO, abortion stands as the highest cause of death!  Children born from surrogacy can also disrupt familial harmony in two families.


        But how can we who have become unbelievers establish a connection with God?


We cannot see Him or touch Him, we cannot even imagine Him in His entirety. But we can begin, for example, to marvel at His impressive work. Imagining His presence in us and the beautiful natural world, His creation, is a good start.


God's loving presence through His enthusiasm helped me feel Him with gratitude. Through songs of praise, I became able to speak directly to the invisible, yet living God – this is also called prayer-connectedness.


My search for "fulfilment in God" resulted in being personally touched by biblical words and in joyful fellowship with Christians  in the Sunday service. He awakened in me the certainty of His promise "a new heaven and a new earth I give to you".


One result of our relationship with God is that we tend to become happier, more peaceful and less dependent on external circumstances. For example, married couples who pray together remain faithful to each other 97% of the time.


What could be more desirable to us than to live in such companionship?


* Currently, providers such as: AltaDevices, Flisom, Heliatek, Alwitra-Evalon-cSi, FirstSolar, Nanosolar or Solaronix with their AgAs, OLED, DSSC, PSC or CIGS thin-film cells* show a good price-performance ratio. They can be cut to size, are lightweight, self-adhesive, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to recycle and also produce high yields in diffuse daylight. ThinFilm and solar thermal technology will probably soon dominate the "great solar energy turnaround". 



  ~ ~ ~ 


Now a few words on humans and ethics from my personal point of view




This earth and the heavens


I believe that the real world does not need an economy based on interest or cryptocurrency, does not need black gold, the hustle and bustle, the noise and stench, warheads, violence or billionaires in order to function truthfully and produce useful goods. 


Is the earth to blame for poverty, rural exodus and environmental aberrations? Surely this earth is bountiful, has room for all life; it knows no asphalt strips and grossly negligent CO2 emissions! It provides enough out of itself, and it is never in a rush. Does it not have comprehensive empathy, dignity, patience? It gives joy, it is helpful and faithful! How do you, dear reader, experience and see this world?


I think it is sickly, it's not constantly bustling and struggling, and to die in it means to fall asleep peacefully. Our technical aids are merely medum-term solutions, cerebral loans to overcome

our respective crises. We can't rely on the world of finance for help – but I firmly trust

in heavenly assistance. His love is true, good and beautiful.


The mystical dark matter that astrophysicists are so feverishly looking for and the missing cosmic energy will probably only be discovered when our ears, eyes and hearts are cleansed. Our Creator Himself has the solution laid out in his redemption plan! Nor did the "waters of life" arrive on the young earth as ice comets and lead to the given quantity of all the world's oceans; God Himself spoke these floods into existence! God Himself spoke these floods into existence!






Visions of an expanded future


First, I must talk about the old prejudice that the age of "enlightenment" and earlier religious values are incompatible. After all, we humans rightly seek the largest possible frame of reference.

Knowledge and reason alone, however, cannot provide us with the care and security that God wants to give us.


Genesis, for example, offers quite conclusive explanations about the beginnings of our existence. Admittedly, the Bible illustrates the period of creation (7 days) in pictures to aid understanding – nevertheless, it offers us astonishing and altogether correctly presented answers.

What caused the big bang, created space and time and the elements? The cleverness and precision of science can hardly offer us any meaningful and reassuring answers regarding our mortality and our origin.


Without will, information, perfect wisdom and highest love of divine omnipotence or absolute truth, this planful unfolding of life can never have started the long way into full-magnificent appearance in all its glory! 

Nothing comes from nothing – life comes from that which is alive. We should not want to detach ourselves from this! Time separates human and heaven – but they unite in times of prayer.


From my own experience, hardship teaches us to pray – and even a bad conscience can get us to improve and turn old behaviours into good deeds.



Then ONE man came! His name is Jesus – which means Saviour. He taught us and teaches us today: we need each other, and we need to detach ourselves from the collective accumulation of debt – through Christ. His knowledge, his promise that God will prepare for us "a new heaven and a new earth" is crucial!