VISIONS of a FUTURE - fit for grandchildren


What we must do now for our grandchildren



In order to stand before God, our conscience and in view of a future worth living for our children and grandchildren, we must actively want and do this today! Because God, conscience and grandchildren cannot be deceived in the long run!


Technical concepts to preserve creation and climate


Together we inhabit the particularly beautiful, but also very sensitive habitat of the earth. And so we suffer the consequences of the constant destruction of nature, but with noticeable differences depending on the region.

Many of our previous structures are breaking down. Processes within the structures of capital and the economy are also increasingly experiencing the same turbulence as our global climate.


The turnaround from some dead ends is necessary and still possible! To this end, the inventions shown here should also be put to wider use. The aim is to find easy-to-implement solutions to the problems of our industrial building, agricultural and transport systems. transport systems. These approaches make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions, steel, concrete and petroleum consumption, as well as the consumption of many other resources, by up to 80%.

It is up to the manufacturers to test the respective concept in terms of technical details. 


When it comes to counteracting climate change, there are holistic problem analyses, scientific warnings and techological alternatives. But there is no way getting around the fact that a stark reduction in oil production, with less asphalt, agrochemicals, cement and plastic, will change some of the things we have come to love thanks to our excessive consumer mentality. The targets of Rome and COP26 in Glasgow 2021 will therefore probably have to risk quite a bit in fossil energy reduction!

This process could also clear up everything that is actually getting out of hand. It shows insights and ways to what we and the entire biosphere are lacking – namely biodiversity, healthy use of arable land, water and air, and, and,and. The limits to growth are very real. 


But in the end, the corporations that are still powerful today, including OPEC, car manufacturers and the big energy suppliers will give in and switch to genuinely sustainable. The shirt will probably become closer to them than the skirt. Likely it will be concern about the unleashed forces of nature that will also make them rethink and plan new. After all, mainstream neoliberalism and anthropocentric ideologies are ultimately just as tied to climate and the biosphere.

I hope that these thoughts are not merely derived from my optimism of purpose! Otherwise the saying "war and corpses, the last hope of the rich" would be justified. Rather, I believe that hope is more long-lasting; and that work that is matured in sorrow and combined with love proves its worth. Surely we should also be able to apply the latter to the logic of our economic operators?


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Foresighted researchers and System-and Climate-experts have argued that only geothermal and solar thermal energy, wind and water power and the use of solar foils, bio-gas and saltwater batteries are now considered climate-neutral energy options.Nuclear, fossil, cobalt/lithium and hydrogen should therefore not be used anymore – despite the high energy density of these materials. 

Why? Because otherwise - in combination with chemical-based turbo agriculture and the effects of current global trade - we will fall even faster under the prevailing pressure of rapidly increasing climate heating and this blind fury will cause us hell on earth. 

In mutually honest recognition - as "one humanity" - the power of necessary, wise action can still arise.But with 8 billion people on earth, we are gradually running out of air, water and raw materials. Yet the current economic model of competition is becoming increasingly absurd and could drive us into reckless overexploitation and new devastating wars.


Overseas traffic is also invasive to marine animals introduced into ballast water. And long-distance tourism sometimes turns epidemics into pandemics.


If our diverse cultures reflected on their own roots and customs and the local economy in their own regions, then this global crisis could be overcome. In addition, we should – indeed must – expand already developed non-fossil, sustainable technologies.


It is up to the policy of all national interests that domestic-regional exchange of goods gains legal priority - over all the widely dispersing world trade. This will free our economy and the agricultural peasantry from the global pressure of wage and market dumping on our basic food and consumer goods. This keeps the value chains in the country. The global economy does not have to remain in a hopeless constraint! 


Whether we will use the alternatives set out below in the coming decades depends less on concerns about our wealth than on whether we believe in a good life in the future.


Governmental, future-oriented regulations make sense with regard to labour and the economy, and also with regard to ethics, freedom and morality. It should be noted here that work – things that need to get done – never runs out. And with local economies being protected, every activity that is useful to the local community can turn into a worthwhile job. But fully automated waste sorting systems and waste material recycling are also gaining an increasing role, as are wind columns - such as those from Vortex-Bladeless. 


Let us therefore quickly seize effective opportunities – which by means of technical alternatives allow us to turn back in time and give future generations a livelihood. 


In just three decades, practically all Austrian villages have been economically gutted and deseeded! Formerly regional SMEs have become commuters and consumers who now go shopping in land-sealing chain stores on the outskirts of these villages.


But let's be honest, don't we want the fastest possible solution, towards natural soil fertility with all the insects essential for pollination?

Don't we want to harvest food from our gardens and fields tomorrow still (see button: Autonomous Device in the Field)? Unfor-tunately, 2/3 of the "silent spring" has already become reality!


Actually, this world, which is always limited, should - despite all our efforts - be lost without salvation.



Now, how do we move forward? 


The last button, Visions for an Expanded Future, is about the opportunities arising from the inner aspects of human existence. Because all our building sites overtax the individual and therefore need a different approach. It is not about worries about the future or technical solutions (and who could pay for them and implement them) but about that very personal security, which everyone has in their hands and can discover today with their innermost heart's decision ...  



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