Offer to the OPEC  




In order to preserve the fossil precious resources for the future, the development study TubeWay-solar for transport and transport is an excellent option.


In order to keep the energy priority in their own hands, the OPEC participants should realize this type of pipeline transport network, in concerted cooperation and in their own direction.


>> TubeWay does not need to be against your core business ! << 

Because with TW in their hands, as an second portfolio, they dictate the energy question in the direction of the freer world and the preservation of our Earth climate.


It is only then that regional oil fields do not necessarily compete and maintain value and price.

In this sense, I ask you to forward the link TubeWay to your members.


... with the commitment to future-oriented technical solutions in the field of transport, public transport and buildings - with solar thin film foils. For further information, please visit  >>


These patent-free inventions need and expect your industrial application - this is my strong vision ... 


Stability is central to everything we do. It is the overarching concern that connects us all.


Whit sunny greatings



       Michael Thalhammer                           -                          Vienna - 14.02.2017


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