Here are some personal prayers :



Oh my God - I am confused -

You, the "You are there"

My noisy head, my peaceless heart - clamour at Your door.

Please, let me in; let me feel You in wonder,

I am deaf to Thy voice.

Teach me Thy silence, Thy rich poverty, Thy discipline

and what You delight in;

Or else I'll be lost - in the misery of a cold nothingness. I beg you!

I can and may be, because all are there - all IS through divine creation.

And all of us, caught in the tribulation of the highly pregnant All - are striving towards the

out of narrowness and hunger, each a refugee!

Behind the press pains of new birth You await us -

wait in Your love -

Thanks be to Thee!

Tomorrow, yes now and tomorrow You are our King, Shepherd and Heaven.

JESUS - guide back to God.

I found it fitting to follow Jesus; His word, His peace gives salvation.

You draw us to the Living and Eternal Love - home to our Father.


For 2,000 years you have granted the true, the beautiful and the good 

which, like warm rain from the Father's love, has moistened the land

and makes it blossom anew - through His infinite mercy.

You - Salvation Land - JESUS. 

Today You have already healed me - given me rest and a new heart - 


M.Th. - 03.2016 




A song of praise to my God


Who called me by name and delivered me from the trouble of erring ways. 

Oh - Thou my kind papa, heavenly - on

Hot sand I was cast, like a dumb fish. 

But Thou hast revived me in Thy waters.

Now I swim merrily and breathe Thy breath.


Oh - who are like a mama, heavenly, blissfully birthing - in

into a deep crevasse I was thrown - frozen lonely.

But Thy warm, fat breast milk could thaw me. Now

I may stretch out and my soul awakens to new life.


Who threw me up, who threw me down?

The sight of you has destroyed his evil! I lived gladly, yes - and then died gladly.

On thy promise it was but a short passage for me, through the dark valley.

Only your love saved me!

And called home again - I may, I will thank Thee - and now rejoice eternally before

before the throne of Your glory. Hallelujah!


Yours is your victory from the beginning. So it is ...

Yes, to this one, eternal God I sing my psalter.

He sent us His own beloved Son.

Jesus became man for our salvation from death and darkness.

Return and reconciliation You have given us with Him,

in Your grace and love. 


So it is - Amen 


M.Th. - Graz, Sept. 2000




Jonah in Nineveh



The word of the Lord came to Jonah for the second time: "Set out on your journey and go to Nineveh.

and go to Nineveh, that great city, and charge it with all that I shall say unto thee.

Jonah set out and went to Nineveh, as the Lord had commanded him.                

Nineveh was a great city in the sight of God; it took three days to cross it. to pass through it. Jonah began to enter the city; he walked for a day and cried out: 

Forty more days and Nineveh will be destroyed!

And the people of Nineveh believed God. They proclaimed a fast, and all, both great and small and small, put on robes of repentance. When the news reached the king of Nineveh, he got up from his throne, took off his royal robe,

clothed himself in a robe of penance and sat down in the ashes.

He sent out a proclamation in Nineveh: Command of the king and his great ones: All men and beasts, cattle, "All men and beasts, cattle, sheep and goats, shall neither eat nor feed nor drink water. They shall cover themselves in in robes of repentance, both man and beast. They shall cry aloud to God, and each one shall repent and turn from his evil deeds and from the wrong that is on his hands.

Who knows, perhaps God will repent again and desist from his fierce anger, so that we will not perish.


And God saw their behaviour; he saw that they repented and turned away from their evil deeds. Then God repented of the evil that he had threatened them with and he did not carry out the threat.


Whether God gives us 40 weeks, 40 days or 40 ours as a time limit today and what you have to repent of, each "Nineveh inhabitant" must decide. Each "inhabitant of Nineveh" must find out for himself in his heart. 

In my repentance I was allowed to become free from the intense stupidity of many youthful follies. Jesus also suffered for you!


 M.Th. - Vienna, 2 March 2018




He speaks justice in the strife of nations,

He rebukes many nations.

Then they forge ploughshares from their swords

And pruning knives from their lances. 

The sword is no longer drawn, 

nation against nation, 

and no longer practise for war.


Isa. 2,4




It is true: there is much good in the world among us people.

And yet, unfortunately, ... the hard truths are also true:


We have ridiculed the truth of Your Word and called it pluralism.

We have worshipped other gods and called it multiculture.

We have approved of perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.

We have exploited the poor and called that their lot.

We have rewarded laziness and called it prosperity. 

We have killed our unborn and called that self-determination. 

We have excused people who performed abortions and called that justice.

We have neglected to teach our children discipline and called that self-respect.

We have abused power and called it politics.

We have envied our neighbour's possessions and called that striving.

We have polluted the airwaves with pornography and secular 

and worldly things and called it freedom of the press.

We have ridiculed the values of our forefathers and called it

and called it enlightenment.

Joe Wrigth 

Here I want - here we should - confess and repent. 

God can forgive all - let us live with Him!!!

HE is never further away - than our prayer.


M.Th. Vienna, Feb.2020





 As I live, says the Lord, the Eternal:

I have no pleasure in the death of the lawless one, but

but that the lawless one turn from his way and live!

Turn back, turn back from your wicked ways!

For why will you die...?


Ezekiel 33:11  



Love is longsuffering and kind, love is not jealous, love is not wanton, love is not puffed up, 

it does not behave unseemly, it does not seek its own, 

It does not allow itself to be embittered. It does not reckon with evil, 

It does not rejoice in injustice,

but rejoices in the truth.


1 Corinthians 13:4-6




Response to our mortality


No one wants to suffocate, die of thirst, fall into the bottomless pit - 

no one wants to drown, freeze to death, starve, burn.

And yet it happens here and there. 

Who wants to be afraid, lonely and misunderstood, in hate and guilt, to walk blind and deaf in pain?

And yet we are not immune to it.

However: Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit do not want this - pull us away from it.

Gently and unobtrusively, in patience and love.

Let us simply let this happen!


  Vienna, 10.06.2021, Michael Thalhammer






Every child who still believes in the Christ child knows more


than an enlightened sceptic, who is not above the common 


common doubts about this.


Because knowing more than just about Jesus,


is not considered higher knowledge.


Happy the parents who bring God close to their children


and do not withhold HIM from their tender souls.