Gentle technology


         meets the


       global crisis





Technical & intellectual approaches that could preserve climate and creation


One should not want to foresee the future, but make it possible. 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery 


Suitable for grandchildren ?!


In his work "Visions of an Expanded Future", Michael Thalhammer presents a whole series of proposals for putting the demands of climate policy into practice. His licence-free inventions are an offer to business and politics to act now, to break new ground now and to start now with practicable environmental and climate protection.


The advantages of the inventions are clearly presented and easy to understand even for technical laypersons. Occasional references to the Creator God as well as the religious paintings, poems and quotations remind the reader that sustainable life is only possible in harmony with the divine world order, and that creation is a gift from God - with which we must deal responsibly.


It can no longer be denied that humans have a significant share in the climatic changes, the scarcity of resources, the extinction of species and the pollution of the world's oceans. The population as well as the various governments and institutions are alarmed - but we are still far from a rethink, a climate-neutral, environmentally friendly economy. After 200 years of far-reaching inventive development, it is time for a critical résumé. 


°  Photovoltaic use took off in the 1970s


°  From 2000 onwards, sustainability became important worldwide


°  In 2002, he developed TubeWaySolar as a transport system


    similar to the Hyperloop to Elon Musk's


    but with pneumatic instead of




   Technology and spirit build bridges of the future