Gentle technology


         meets the


       global crisis





Technical & intellectual approaches that could preserve climate and creation


One should not want to foresee the future, but make it possible. 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Translated with DeepL


Suitable for grandchildren ?!


In his work "Visions of an Expanded Future", Michael Thalhammer presents a whole series of proposals for putting the demands of climate policy into practice. His licence-free inventions are an offer to business and politics to act now, to break new ground now and to start now with practicable environmental and climate protection.


The advantages of the inventions are clearly presented and easy to understand even for technical laypersons. Occasional references to the Creator God as well as the religious paintings, poems and quotations remind the reader that sustainable life is only possible in harmony with the divine world order, and that creation is a gift from God - with which we must deal responsibly.


It can no longer be denied that humans have a significant share in the climatic changes, the scarcity of resources, the extinction of species and the pollution of the world's oceans. The population as well as the various governments and institutions are alarmed - but we are still far from a rethink, a climate-neutral, environmentally friendly economy. After 200 years of far-reaching inventive development, it is time for a critical résumé. 


°  Photovoltaic use took off in the 1970s


°  From 2000 onwards, sustainability became important worldwide


°  In 2002, he developed TubeWaySolar as a transport system


    similar to the Hyperloop to Elon Musk's


    but with pneumatic instead of




   Technology and spirit build bridges of the future



What is invented can be perfected, what is created can only be imitated.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

The "coincidence" of good ideas usually comes to us at night - while we are asleep - like a like a gift to humanity that comes from above.
Other principled possibilities have been instilled in us from deep below; such as the benefits from uranium, high armaments or the burning of fossil fuels. They brought untold, mass war suffering, and, with the unchecked global rise of CO2, the inglorious, steady heating of the climate.

Suitable for grandchildren ?!

Together we inhabit the particularly beautiful, but also very sensitive habitat Earth. And we suffer the consequences of today's ongoing destruction of nature together - although the effects are felt differently from region to region.

Almost all previous structures are therefore experiencing unusual collapses. The processes within all capital and economic structures are also visibly entering the same turbulence as our global climate.

The turnaround from some dead ends is necessary and still possible! The inventions shown below also invite us to do this, so that they can be applied more widely. The aim is to find easy-to-implement solutions to the problems of our industrial construction, agriculture and transport systems.

The approaches in make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions, the consumption of steel, concrete and petroleum, as well as that of many other resources, by up to 80 %!* It is up to the manufacturers to examine the respective concept with regard to its technical details.

There are holistic analyses, scientific warnings and technical alternatives for counteracting climate change. However, it cannot be made palatable that a stark reduction in oil production, with far less asphalt, agrochemicals, cement and plastics, will change some of the things we have come to love in our exaggerated consumer mentality. The resolutions of Rome, COP26 in Glasgow and most recently those in Paris have already had to make some adjustments to the future fossil energy reduction, which will be effective from 2030?

This process could clean up all the things that are actually getting out of hand. Then it would also open up insights and paths towards what we and the entire biosphere lack: such as biodiversity, healthy use of arable land, water and air, and so on and so forth. The limits to growth have already become very real and tangible.

Therefore, the corporations that are still powerful today, including OPEC, car manufacturers and the big energy suppliers, will have to give in and change over to real sustainability. The shirt will probably become closer to these than the skirt. It will be concern about the unleashed forces of nature that will make them rethink and plan for the future. After all, mainstream neoliberalism and our ideologies based on ourselves are ultimately just as tied to the climate and the biosphere.

I hope that these thoughts are not merely derived from my optimism of purpose. Otherwise the saying "war and corpses, the last hope of the rich" would be justified! Rather, I believe that hope is more long-lasting, and the work matured in sorrow, love and often frustration proves its worth. This hope should also affect the interest and logic of our businessmen and politicians!

According to our far-sighted system and climate experts, the only climate-neutral energy options are geothermal and solar thermal energy, wind and hydropower, solar films, salt water batteries and biogas.

Accordingly, nuclear, fossil, cobalt/lithium and grey-generated hydrogen uses would already have to be dispensed with - despite the high energy density of these materials.

Why? Because otherwise - in conjunction with chemical-based turbo agriculture and the effects of current global trade - we will come under the prevailing pressure of rapidly increasing climate heating even faster and this blind fury will cause us hell on earth.

With over 8 billion people on earth, we are running out of air, water and resources. And the current economic model of constant competition is turning out to be increasingly absurd - it would also drive us even further into blind overexploitation and into new, most devastating wars. This kind of blind frenzy would unleash hell on earth unawares.

From this point of view, it already seems unrealistic at this time to place great hopes on not exceeding the 1.5° climate limit. For the crises that have just occurred at the same time are paralysing these all-too-sluggish economic egoisms and, at the point of no return, are tearing overboard the >only conceived goals of politics<.

Humanity must therefore make itself fit for the future immediately! In mutually honest recognition - as "one humanity" - the power of necessary, wise action can still arise!

In fact, governments today are often even successfully sued by environmental lawyers to comply with climate targets.
In the cities, for example, I - as a long-time public transport user and cyclist - can ask my dear neighbours to do the same. And we could, indeed should, put up large CO2! posters on busy roads and motorways. Such actions of civil disobedience may also be effective and necessary!
In the past, I used to think of crises as follows: "Ships rise and fall at high and low tide anyway. But in the meantime they break up or sink in every extreme weather ...

Translated with DeepL