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What is earthsolar / TubeWaySolar about ?

The website offers concepts for resource-saving and sustainable innovations. It is aimed at companies, investors, industries, politicians and environmentally conscious readers. The site contains ideas on solar mobility, autonomous tillage, timber construction technology, solar film use, how to recycle plastic from rivers, and much more.

A structural change is indicated or is currently taking place. In this change of general CO2 avoidance, the poor regions of this world must also receive appropriate aid for their respective oppressive problems.


About 80% of harmful resource use, with a high proportion of CO2 emissions, could be avoided:


My first writings were a collection of concepts with purely technical alternative solutions.
Now, in the Covid pandemic and the Russian gas freeze, I am also urged to write about our deeper human foundations and to connect both lines.

Because of the climate catastrophes that can be seen everywhere, some of the approaches outlined here could still be put to collective use.


 Technology and spirit build bridges of the future


     # VISIONS for a future fit for grandchildren



>>May you, dear reader, discover new and exciting things regarding both aspects<<




Why do I publish all the approaches shown here as patent-free prior art?
Firstly, patent protection does not extend to urgently needed environmental inventions if, as here, priority public rights are affected. Secondly, patent rights and their defence are practically only realisable by large companies and hardly ever by a private individual. And thirdly, published ideas can be disseminated more quickly as "open source".
So you and any company can expand these approaches into a product line of your brand. No licences, no strict conditions.

In his work on "Visions of an Expanded Future", Michael Thalhammer puts forward a whole series of proposals to turn the demands of climate policy into reality. His licence-free inventions are an offer to business and politics to act now, to break new ground now and to start now with practicable environmental and climate protection.
The advantages of the inventions are clearly presented and easy to understand even for technical laypersons.