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With soft technology and fresh foresight to new shores - the website offers licence-free, resource-saving and sustainable ideas for companies, investors, industries and politics - on solar mobility, plastic from rivers, autonomous tillage, timber construction tech, solar film use, cargo bike and much more.


Technology and spirit build bridges of the future



TubeWaySolar was previously a website with purely factual alternative solutions; now it has also become one about our deep human principles. Now, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, I feel urged to connect the two topics.

Because of the climate catastrophes evident everywhere, some of the suggestions could be implemented to benefit our communities. 

May you, dear reader, discover new and exciting things in both aspects.

TubeWaySolar = NOW ALSO AVAILABLE AS German Paperback  "ENKELTAUGLICH" UNDER: ISBN-9783753461199 & E-BOOK - UNDER: ISBN-9783756250226


Why patent-free?

Firstly, patent protection does not extend to urgently needed environmental protection inventions if, as here, priority public rights are affected. Secondly, patent rights and their defence are practically only realisable by large companies and rarely by a private individual. And thirdly, published ideas can be disseminated more quickly as "open source". You and any company can expand these approaches into a product line of your brand. No licences, no strict conditions.