The usage of rough vacuum inside of refrigerators and reefers


This idea is meant to be a suggestion for the production of cooling facilities.

The technical approach: In an air-tight case a pump reduces the pressure (to around 0.3 bar) which helps keeping the stored food fresh. Tupperware-effect®.

Upon opening the specially designed door, the previously drained air can immediately stream in again to restore a normal level of pressure. This way, the door can be opened without any hindrance. A sensor or a button reactivates the pump, once the case is closed. The condensed water, which comes up with every opening, is channelled off by a drainage that in turn is sealed when the pressure starts dropping again.

As I did it already with my inventions TubeWay, Eco-Home and Lotus-Cloud (, I took common ideas (like tube mail, Thermos® jug ...) and applied the same principle to a bigger field of application.

The reasoning behind this is easy: The first wooden boats were already quite useful, but the ships we use today are vessels of gigantic scale. But they still float because of the same principle as the basic physical parameters almost stay the same.


This idea and description was written by:  © Michael Thalhammer, Baden bei Wien, 26.02.2013



Rescue the Dead Sea in Israel


The water level of this region could be easily filled by a "communicating supply" from the near by Mediterranean Sea, free from the continuous operation of a pump ....

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