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fahrRAD      *).  Prevetius modell 2013

Who likes to ride a bike in the rain, snowfall or high heat? Hardly anyone!


Here you will find suggestions to extend the bicycles world with accessories such that for example also an all-weather property can be offered relatively cheaply. The proposals are particularly targeted at the bicycle and parts manufacturers. Some things can also be used by the owner of the house.


The fact is that our city, cargo and travel bicycles only offer high driving comfort every day if they can protect us from damp or direct sunshine. An attachable canopy could encourage the car to leave the car more often in the garage - or completely to ride on a bike. Cycling has the health-positive aspect, our all-too-motion-poor lifestyle best.

Also, this BIKE accessories would contribute to further traffic and climate augmentation chance. A Cargo wheel e.g. gives work to the deliverer and is useful against urban smog and traffic jams. This fahrRAD would also be designed as a Tandem-TAXI or a Family coach.

The development of these suggestions has paid special attention to general safety.

Here you will find a lot of innovations, which are easy to use for themselves, with "normal" wheels.



                                                                              About fahrrad design                                                     


A horizontal weather protection roof protects against sun and rain. On the other hand, it also supplies the bulk of the drive power as a photovoltaic film on the aluminum roof frame.

The electricity generated on the roof is fed into the solar battery integrated into the fahrRAD frame. These 150W PV films ** harvest all day, even in diffuse weather conditions, daylight. The approximately 1.1 m² roof creates sufficient energy for a medium travel distance.

The lightweight, removable awning is wind-slippery; In a longer test phase, I drove this one easily, even with strong winds, because even changing winds actually run flat. Also for conventional bicycles such a roof (behind the saddle-ankle or on the handlebar clickable) would be interesting.


The four dachshunds conceal the blinkers of a turn-off indicator. The lights fed from the battery should be supplemented by a brake light because of the dangers in today's traffic density. A dawn sensor could take over the reliable on / off switching of night lighting.

A wind- and visibly transparent net-store protects against rain as well as against too strong sun. It is used by

Velcro fastened to the roof frame. The store has sewn a lead band at the bottom hem and is about 55 cm deep enough. The approx. 60 x 180 cm roof can be moved forward about 60 cm in the rain and granted,

That everything remains in the dry.


For sporty cyclists, this top can also be enjoyed without an electric drive (covered with perlon instead of PV foil, weighs only about 700g) ***.

Concrete cream finishes result depending on the type of use and the respective presentation of a manufacturer.


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Further innovations



A high rest for the back provides e.g. An optimal supportive seating position; Active kicking becomes powerful, efficient and at the same time more relaxed.

A classic "counter wheel" requires us a somewhat wearisome seat and work; And recumbent bikes position their rider just over the asphalt.

When sitting down, an anatomical support is provided, with ergonomically optimized pedaling. It makes cycling much more relaxed and safer. The saddle is about 20 cm further back to place. The handles of the steering rod are also brought closer to the driver; And so resembles its location of an "Easy Rider" on a Harley.


More advantages:


*  You have a not so front-wheel-heavy center of gravity and does not crash over the handlebar during an impact.

*  With a safety belt, a real higher safety is achieved. It is anchored on the shell support, which is especially stiff at the edge.

*  The large armrest protects the head area, the shoulders and the hip as far as possible in case of an accident.

*  These arrangements prevent a drop out of the structurally given range.


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A "rocking lever drive" can be attached to every bicycle pedal axis. The crank arms are replaced by a lever pair.

It is provided with a freewheel bearing and is attached to the axle of the pedal, via the form-locking eye of this bearing, on both sides of the axle and secured at the ends thereof, as usual, by screws.

The axle ends are therefore positive-locking pins, as they are in common use. The chain rim is held here instead of the crank of lever arms to its usual driving power. However, the chain ring is free of both free-levers - in the usual way - required for propulsion power. Nevertheless, the chain ring is required, as usual, to its propulsion power the two free-levers (instead of a crank).


The levers are placed in a rocking connection by means of a pulley (under the seat) and a nylon cable.


On the levers are a pedal-mounted sliding sleeve. Only together do they give the pedal function of the lever arms. A so-called "snap-in gear shifting" results with the foot now freely selectable engagements in the sliding wave relief (which is formed between the lever arm and sliding sleeve).


The simple search for the respective desired translation is solved constructively with two new parts.


More advantages:


*  This device with approx. 350 g weight of two sliding sleeves also does not waste any 2/3-idle circling leg movement.

*  On request, it offers a direct and highly efficient drive performance.

*  A "Wipp-lever" is more easy to handle than the traditional Crank handle.

*  It can be combined with a detrailleur as well as with hub circuits.

*  The whole is inexpensive to produce; And allows for a required exchange of the pedal-axle ball bearings.

*  Both lever arms are also detachable and allow the exchange of a defective freewheel.  

*  Needless to say, there are also the usual three chain rims, the chain derailleur, the cable pull and the associated steering circuit         - so many parts.


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A simple lever arm extension beyond the pedal axle point (optional) provides an advanced pedaling mechanism for a second driver. This opens up the development and use of a new, creative lightweight construction Tandem-fahrRAD.


For this purpose, a second stretched saddle, a glider and a further pair of sliding sleeves are clicked onto the just a little stretched bicycle frame by means of their pedals. These attachments are not to be carried at all in single exits.


In the paired operation, the cyclist participates only in the opposite riding rhythm - and a harmonious, perfectly work-sharing travel ride is already achieved. 

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In order to avoid common microtraumata in the wrist, a cylindrical, elastomeric tube-plug connection could be provided for the shock-relief, in the steering grips or their transitions to the steering bracket.


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The area behind the oblique backrest provides plenty of storage space for luggage, e.g. Also one - two children place. Also conceivable would be a light, removable and lockable stretch-mesh basket with a full-length folding lid, which can be pushed with a light hand after the purchase like a travel bag on four castors. This basket can also be made of light pasture, as a practical   4 wheel drolley.

The children 's seats would also be fastened with a click fastener; They may have side wheels under the seat and a guide bracket that can be pulled out of the back part. Such a child seat would become a seat-bucket after the journey.


With a special frame, fahrRAD could be designed as a cargo load wheel with a low-lying and generous loading area. Also conceivable is a three-lane variant (possibly with attachable support wheels raised in travel).

By means of a (PV) rain cover, the transport goods fixed with quick-clamping straps are optimally protected.  


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Cycle & Tube

Cycle & Tube



My idea of a new type of tire made of a harder rubber compound does not require the usual rim bead wire or fabric inserts; Neither a hose nor internal air overpressure. These types of tires already spring through their hard-walled hard-rubber cross-section (see drawing). In the case of higher loads, however, these tires can still be inflated accordingly.

In addition, a small-sized, medium rolling bead provides the perfectly minimized rolling resistance. The lateral, wide auxiliary ridges, optimized for Gripp, only roll into ground contact when in an oblique position. Inflation and "piss-pecking" are not necessary for this uncladable model.

For tire mounting, this fahrRAD tire has a two-part "screw-on rim", which ensures a perfect and form-fitting tire seat.

And, the wire- and fabric-free material is absolutely unproblematic in recycling and can be recycled as granules!


                                                                                                  -  -  -  -  -   


Back-friendly side effect on the newly designed fahrRAD: the two running bikes (as an option) with conical fever-glass bow springs or steel-leaf springs as spokes can effect effective shock absorption. The child seat bucket could also be fitted with these spring-loaded wheels.


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Another innovation, also useful for conventional bicycles, is presented here: Especially in longer journeys, conventional saddles are quite uncomfortable. A saddle can also be formed from two oblong, good-fit thighs / buttocks, which are mounted side by side on one axle. These carry out the bouncing pedal movement of the driver. Such a "saddle pad" increases comfort for both men and women thanks to its noticeable relief in the sensitive step area.


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With a long steel cable lock, which can be pulled out of the frame, the wheel can be attached and secured against theft. A second high-speed immobilizer would also be practical and practical.

The securing of steel cable lock, battery, storage basket and Solardach should be possible with only one key. Even better would be a handsenderschloss - which as in the case of cars for a long time usual - everything centrally locked.


                                                                                                   -  -  -  -  -                                                                                                   

For a storm-safe, vertical parking, a fahrRAD-Cargo at the load bridge front and rear would each have a wide U-bracket stand.

In the Cargue area, three-wheel trailers with their own electric motor can be produced for heavy-load transports (see, for example, www.carlacargo.de) - the cover of which could also be fitted with a DC-supplying cover film.


   -  -  -  -  -


This fahrRAD would be an innovation wheel - no "just a nice weather bike" - and certainly popular on the market soon. The bike sector should be positively enriched by the increased safety and multi-range capability offered. As shown in Fig.




                                                                                               * * * * * * * *


* The approach of placing the pedal axle in the front wheel has proven to be impractical.


** PV films produce e.g. Alwitra-Evalon cSi®, Hanergy or Heliatek®.

USB-Plog, Navi-Integration and a hands-free system, combined with the charging, mileage and speedometer display, in a foldable and removable display (in addition to a wide rear-view mirror) in the roof would also be good additional options.


Li / Io batteries already require the new EN 50604-1 standard! ,

A step description - from testing (ISO 4210) to sales and trading - is not part of this study.

To a further prototype I have so far lacked the necessary funds and a specialist company as a competent auxiliary.


It was also possible to realize locally adapted bike-productions from emerging countries! My Trethebelgear and other is in any case free of charge. A cost-effective alternative mobility, with the avoidance of fossil and road-building disadvantages, would certainly be welcomed.


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