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My Video to explanation of our climatic development

Here, technically similar concepts (and TubeWay)

are to be seen and described.

See there > tubeway solar verkehr (in german).  For the problem of a generally growing memory requirement for current surpluses there is the attachment of eg. ADELE, that is compressed air storage power plant; or Prof. Eduard Heindl's meaningful and quite feasible proposal - to read in


 A bowl of cereal changed the world.



Thermo modul housing  a site for young christian people


Sand-the-new-environmental-bomb to see in german language:


 www.Sand-die neue Umweltzeitbombe 


Technische Beispiele zur Vakuumwand (Modul)


Here is a collection of technology-history (and

my bike)


Here, Christian Himmelstoss and his professional

pupils developed first efficient solar cookers.


Here there are good solar cookers.


Here I was asked for my thermal  

module home appeared.


In her magazine my fahrRAD appeared.


Solarkocher as self-construction manual.


Composting furnace for charcoal (good soil).



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