GLYPHSAT - comes substitut?


Unusual sugar from cyanobacteria acts as a natural herbicide


Chemists and microbiologists at the University of Tübingen discover a sugar molecule that inhibits plants and microorganisms and is harmless to human cells - An alternative to the controversial glyphosate?

Researchers at the University of Tübingen have discovered a natural substance that could compete with the controversial herbicide glyphosate: the newly found sugar molecule from cyanobacteria inhibits the growth of various microorganisms and plants, but is harmless to humans and animals. The joint study was conducted by Dr. med. Klaus Brilisauer, Professor Stephanie Grond (Institute of Organic Chemistry) and Professor Karl Forchhammer (Interfaculty Institute for Microbiology and Infection Medicine). She appeared on Friday in the journal Nature Communications.


Active ingredients for pharmaceutical or agricultural use often originate in natural products. These can consist of complex chemical structures, but also be relatively simple. Often, the genius of such drugs lies in their simplicity: so-called "antimetabolites" (metabolimus = metabolism) interact with vital processes in the cell by mimicking metabolic products. The result is a disruption of the affected biological process, which can lead to the growth inhibition or even the death of the affected cell.


The Tübingen research team in chemistry and microbiology now came across a very unusual antimetabolite with a strikingly simple chemical structure: a sugar molecule with the scientific name "7-deoxy-sedoheptulose (7dSh)". Unlike ordinary carbohydrates, which are usually used as an energy source for growth, this substance inhibits the growth of various plants and microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeasts. The sugar blocks an enzyme of the so-called Shikimatwegs, a metabolic pathway that occurs only in microorganisms and plants. For this reason, the scientists classify the active substance as harmless to humans and animals and have already proven this in the first investigations.


The rare deoxy sugar was isolated from cultures of the freshwater cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus, which is able to inhibit the growth of related bacterial strains. In search of the cause of this growth inhibition, the researchers were able to decipher the structure of the natural product. Thanks to a newly developed method for the production of 7dSh, a so-called chemoenzymatic synthesis, extensive studies have been carried out to elucidate the molecular principle of action.


The long-term goal is to be able to replace controversial herbicides and their health-related degradation products in the long term, the researchers say. Efficacy in the field, degradability in the soil and safety against livestock and humans would have to be further explored in 7dSh in comprehensive long-term studies.


Klaus Brilisauer, Johanna Rapp, Pascal Rath, Anna Schoellhorn, Lisa Bleul, Elisabeth Weiss, Mark Stahl, Stephanie Grond, Karl Forchhammer "Cyanobacterial antimetabolite 7-deoxy-sedoheptulose blocks the shikimate pathway to inhibit the growth of prototrophic organisms"

Published in Nature Communications (February 1st, 2019). DOI: 10.1038 / s41467-019-08476-8

From: Sonnenseiten news, 16.2.2019 

Source University of Tübingen 2019




BEES - only pollinators?


75% of biomass of all insects have disappeared in the last 30 years!


Many species of songbirds are threatened with extinction because of their diversity - they lack their own special food - and we also find little in the way of the former luxuriant flowers and variety of butterflies.


Slowly the humming, cackling and twittering disappears. Dumb spring - not just a matapher!


   Therefore, I ask you to sign common petitions for agricultural breeder strips - with at least 3% compliance with the respective agricultural area.


With regard to the sensitive area of agricultural ecological conversion, these petitions read as follows: ... that                  >> permanent brown leaves and regular crop rotation are a first and good basis for the return of necessary biodiversity << ...


Whether obligatory or set up as an instruction, the support coupled with conditions in our farmland area structure would be a well manageable and meaningful measure.


Also, soil and landscape management needs an increased conversion to organic products - not only in view of the increased demand of the consumer, but also with the original peasant joy and love of sowing and harvesting.


Responsible ministries may actively implement the already signed SDGs as steering and promotional instruments for our food and living space and make Europe a model in the world. Green vitality is closely related to insects and pollinating bees and immediately afterwards to our diversity of birds.


All of this is for the common good and for the sake of creation itself, urgently needed!


       If you know e-mail addresses of competent authorities, I ask you to forward this letter directly. THANK YOU!


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Offer to the OPEC  




In order to preserve the fossil precious resources for the future, the development study TubeWay-solar for transport and transport is an excellent option.


In order to keep the energy priority in their own hands, the OPEC participants should realize this type of pipeline transport network, in concerted cooperation and in their own direction.


>> TubeWay does not need to be against your core business ! << 

Because with TW in their hands, as an second portfolio, they dictate the energy question in the direction of the freer world and the preservation of our Earth climate.


It is only then that regional oil fields do not necessarily compete and maintain value and price.

In this sense, I ask you to forward the link TubeWay to your members.


... with the commitment to future-oriented technical solutions in the field of transport, public transport and buildings - with solar thin film foils. For further information, please visit  >>


These patent-free inventions need and expect your industrial application - this is my strong vision ... 


Stability is central to everything we do. It is the overarching concern that connects us all.


Whit sunny greatings


       Michael Thalhammer                                          -                                         Vienna - 14.02.2017


Environmental, Citiecens & Corporations!


Our growing need for fossil and other limited resources brings us and the global ecosystem to the limits of further opportunities  

At the same time, we find ourselves in dynamic systems, which leave us only a few possibilities for countercontrol. Recognizing this dangerous situation and correcting the old tracks by means of new tactics is the order of the day. 


In order to preserve sufficient energy and resources to return from this impasse, we need special, different means of resource-saving construction technology, and new ones transport and means of transport, along with all kinds of new techniques. I have therefore developed solar mobility approaches since 2002, which are able to cope with this path with quality of life. Please take a look at the patent-free development studies in  >>


However, we owe our grandchildren and the extreme climate more than economic dictates. We can preserve the creation or degenerate in mutual material and market competition.


Unfortunately, my technically extended transmission to several manufacturers has not caused any conversion. Therefore, this call is now being sent to you, with the request for an active forwarding to the media, group days, Capitals, EU, and whoever appears to you to be responsible. 


For some 200 years, many technical developments, purely monetary and economic-political interests, soulless industries and god afar science applications have been tempting us into dangerous mazes.

Precisely because of a narrow commodity forecast, we must finally, especially in the construction sector, give in to new possibilities. 


Please see more in > These patent-free inventions needs and expect their industrial implementation - this is my strong vision.

Vienna, Nov. 2016



      Easy to think ...

Wath can protect us from the consequences of our own, dynamic threats?

With 8 billion inhabitants, despite high technical possibilities, air, water and raw materials are scarce. The economic model of competition is becoming increasingly absurd and would drive us into blind exploitation and new devastating wars. But in mutually honest recognition as "a humanity" also arises the necessary power of wise actions, and the error of dangerous competitive thinking can still be translated into ethically fruitful achievements. The economic hierarchy of high finance, nuclear and armaments interests, OPEC power, and the automotive industry - by summit decisions on CO² reduction - is meeting a long-needed paradigm shift. Let's encourage these core areas !!


To the already repressed species of a wondrous variety of life now shows a frightening acceleration of thinning. Unfortunately, the following coarser factors add up to a gloomy forecast for the future:


Loss of all essential resources, climate catastrophes, drinking water shortage, bee mortality, unchecked CO2 increase, humus deposits, land grabbing and mass migration, destructive corporate economy, urbanization, BITcoins false currency bubble, over- and under-subsistence, ever-increasing automation, degrading struggles for jobs, Digital dictatorship, overfishing of the oceans, sea level rise, reckless global trade, terror, wars and consequential damages, armament for warfare, nuclear power plants, agricultural chemistry, monocultures, destruction of rainforests, inflation, waste problems ...


Where water, air and fertile soil undergo such adverse changes, the entire life is threatened! Also new moral problems; and that stable interpersonal relationships and those to decrease our creator, is added. The family and the respect for life lose strength and terrain. It takes mine, your - ours - turn!

 Please see too my site:


 Michael Thalhammer,          +43 1 9195724                    Vienna, March 2018



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