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www.plant-for-the-planet.org : A reafforestation program by students


www.marysmeals.org : A bowl of cereal changed the world.


www.inflatedwingsails.com : for Faightships


www.wirundunserklima.jimdo.com  my climate site whit prays.



http://www.youtube.com  >> tubewaysolar - My Video to explanation of our climatic development


http://www.faculty.washington.edu   >> Index#1.  Here, technically similar concepts and my TubeWaySolar


Sand-the-new-environmental-bomb  to see in german language:


#   search:  worm box - build by yourself


#   search:  insect hotel - build by yourself


#   search:  solar cooker - build by yourself


#   search:  sun - wather heater - build by yourself




www.youtube/elcarbonero   Composting furnace for charcoal (good soil). 


www.Sand-die neue Umweltzeitbombe  about sand crime.


https://www.baulinks.de/webplugin/2015/1787.php4   Technic exambles to Vacuumwall Modul



See there > tubeway solar verkehr (in german).


www.lageenergiespeicher.de  For the problem of a generally growing memory requirement for current surpluses there is the attachment of eg. ADELE, that is compressed air storage power plant; or Prof. Eduard Heindl's meaningful and quite feasible proposal - to read in www.lageenergiespeicher.de. 


www.buch-der-synergy.de/   Here is a collection of technology-history (and my TOPten4Bikes). 


www.EG-Solar.de/   Here is Christian Himmelstoss and developed professional pupils efficient solar cookers. 


www.sun-and-ice.de/  Here there are good solar cookers.   


www.ansole.org/  In this magazine some work from my (e.g. fahrRAD) appeared. 




www.sunoven.com/   Solarkocher as self-construction manual. 




www.gotteshausgemeinschaft.at  my last work.


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