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Our growing need for fossil and other limited resources brings us and the global ecosystem to the limits of further opportunities.
At the same time, we find ourselves in dynamic systems, which leave us only a few possibilities for countercontrol. Recognizing this dangerous situation and correcting the old tracks by means of new tactics is the order of the day.  
In order to preserve sufficient energy and resources to return from this impasse, we need special, different means of transport and means of transport, along with all kinds of new techniques. I have therefore developed solar mobility approaches since 2002, which are able to cope with this path. Please take a look at the patent-free development studies:>> www tubewaysolar at.
Unfortunately, my technically extended transmission to several manufacturers has not caused any conversion. Therefore, this call is now being sent to you, with the request for an active forwarding to the media, group days, NGOs, EU, and whoever appears to you to be responsible.
Out grandchildren and the extreme climat we are more owed than economic constraints. We can preserve the creation or sink into material slaughter. 

Honestly, who can stop our dynamic threats?


To the already displaced species of a miraculous life-diversity, a frightening acceleration of thinning now appears.


On the whole, the following are the most important factors for the future: loss of essential resources, climate disasters, biodiversity loss, drinking water shortage, unbreakable CO2 growth, humus spillage, land screw and migration, destructive group economy, urbanization, BITcoins pseudo-bubble, overeating and malnutrition , Digitalisation, degrading battles for jobs, ever increasing automation, sea level rise, overfishing of the oceans, ruthless world trade, terror, wars and consequent damage, upgrading for warfare, nuclear power plants, agrarchemy, monocultures, rainforest destruction, inflation, garbage problems ...


Where water, air, and fertile soil undergo such adverse changes, life is at risk! In addition, the general loss of value and shrinking of our relations among ourselves and to our Creator. Family content and respect for life are unfortunately disappearing.


I believe that if we had not a God who was preoccupied in love, we would all be lost. But he wants us to prepare a new earth & a new heaven.

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revelation 21, 1
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away [...]

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You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 

I would like to receive donations from winners.

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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen.

Zuwendungen aus Gewinnerlösen nehme ich gerne an.   


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