For a long time fundamental aberrations in the practice of today's land management are to be lamented.



The field implement described below would be associated with several positive effects; it would be easy to implement and practical in its application:


Similar to a self-propelled lawn robot, a barrow vehicle could also be offered for agricultural use. Its working width would be variable between 1, 4 or 7 meters*. For spatial orientation, there was also a simple pulse cable designed around the respective edge of the field, which initiates the parallel line change of the beam device. The elaborate technology of Autonomous Drive and GPS future road mobility does not need for the orientation of these agricultural equipment.


These smart solar-powered agricultural machines travel on eight lightly-wheeled e-wheels with a total of ~ 2000 W**. Its approximately 10 m² thin-film solar film coating delivers good power output even in diffuse light conditions; additional handy bicycle batteries make any residual.


A specially designed on-board software could e.g. Recognize sprouting weeds and prevent them from growing: with the help of replaceable Carpon compressed air tanks and a series of lances, lightning-fast separation takes place at their main root. Such device provides - in dry spring weather used - the decisive advantage for the field dominance of sowing.

The software should be designed to detect brooding animals in the field, and not plowing or mowing there.


This field implement could be versatile: with little modification, it can then be used e.g. also apply a certified organic pesticide - so that targeted only against the pest of cultivated crop must be treated. The injection molding tank could be carried as a separate trailer with synchronized own e-wheels.


The approximately 4 m wide outriggers are folded up on the way to and from the field. The device provides valuable, environmentally friendly work steps - with minimal labor and low operating costs, and it requires little space in the equipment storage. Of course, such a field device can be purchased and used by several small farmers together. Such a lightweight device would cost only a fraction of a fossil-powered, tons-heavy tractor produced in series.


To the base unit further mechanical attachments for many steps are developable. The performance comes from said Carpon compressed air tank. Thus, e.g. The application of a worm box harvest done with the light beam device. The solar equipment could do the sowing in the spring, and the putting of rows of young plants. Also as a beam mower and for hay preparation, the basic unit could receive corresponding essays***. Only for Ceralienernte and for larger crops it still needs the heavy machinery.


Carefully treated floors have a rich micro life without plowing. With regular crop rotation and with the autonomous beam disc harrow which gently crumbles the topsoil, fertile soil can be achieved without "agrochemical aids". Only plowing makes them nutrient-poor, depriving them of their natural function as topsoil! Only a gentle tilling allows a return to profitable organic farming. A 5G network would not be necessary for these self-propelled applications.


* The beam arms consist of four 1.5 long, detachable elements with one wheel each. Four outrigger arms adapt the boom well to the terrain. The four elements are fitted with PV foil frames.

** 10 cm wide, flat rims carry a rubber profile in full contact with a 6 cm high bead and 5 cm high side lug profile. The wheel spokes each lead to a 500 W hub motor. A susceptible air hose tire is not necessary here. The 1 m wide center section carries four e-wheels, the compressed air tank and the batteries. The latter are additionally charged at the farm in reserve of sunlight.

*** On the slope, the work efficiency is provided more efficiently only downhill. The speed will be between 5 and 35 km / h depending on the power.

 **** On the way to the field or to the yard, the device is controlled by joystick, sitting on the middle section. Beforehand, the appropriate code entry must enable the operation. All fieldwork can be controlled and monitored remotely via the app. In Lifecykle, the approximately 50 kg aluminum tube struts (+ approx. 40 kg of wheels) provide the best raw material for further use.





Social and economic aspects associated with the use of this HiTech device


In the already more than 23,000 rural organic farms in Austria, significant standards and improvements would result: the women would no longer have to do a lot of monotonous tractor driving lessons in the field. But they would be at the farm and as a mother with their children. The man would not be a pendulum "sideline farmer", but instead of monoculture could reap diverse fruits in good organic quality. The peasant farming would thus be relieved of joyless racking. His work then served as general food safety and is no longer just a "function" for the food industry. On the one hand, in view of the increasing consumer demand, and on the other hand, with the desire for rural original joy and love for sowing and harvesting this way with the light, self-propelled beam devices would be possible. Economic agricultural yields can be offered to domestic markets in the eco-network with good returns as fair-trade-regio products by the farmers themselves.


In the sense of the habitats required as biodiversum, fallow strips are an economically acceptable measure for the protection of numerous animal and plant species with about 5% share in the agricultural area.

Equally obligatory or set up as an instruction, the support coupled with conditions in our rural area structure would be a well-arranged and meaningful possibility for re-ecologicalization via satellite imagery.


Whether with a direct subsidy on purchase or tax deductibility would - as with the purchase of an e-car - to encourage environmental protection for e-field mobility. Because a farmer drives on his fields every year 4 - 7 times row by row an enormous amount of fussile kilometers from. These CO²-pregnant stretches can be reduced to the minimum of harvesting by the autonomous, light and solar beam devices.


The contracted SDGs must be actively implemented by the signatory states - for our food and habitats - within the timetables. These goals are also achievable with the respective steering and promotion instruments - for the common good and for the sake of Creation itself!


Many dubious chemical all-round poisons radically minimize the diversity of insects – and, unfortunately, songbirds with insects on their menu. After all, 75% of all insects have disappeared in the last 30 years! As a result, there is not enough of the former luxuriant floral and butterfly splendor. Little by little the buzz, creaking and twittering disappear. The silent spring – not just a metaphor! Will we need hand-pollination – to produce more food – like in some places in China? But overall, the socially unhealthy development of "rural exodus" and urbanization is taking place, with all the visible consequences that turbo-capitalism has on us dictated - so we do 

not oppose this trend?


These patent-free suggestions now need regional implementation in medium-sized agro-technical companies – this is my strong vision.













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