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If our diverse cultures focus on their own roots, customs and regional economies, the dawning global crisis will be manageable. 

In addition, existing sustainable, non-fossil technologies should, indeed must, be further developed without delay.


With 8 billion earthlings, we are gradually running out of air, water and raw materials. The economic model of competition is becoming increasingly absurd and would drive us into blind overexploitation and new devastating wars. But in mutual honest recognition that we are >one humanity<, the necessary power of wise action can also arise. 


While there was once a wondrous diversity of species, there is now a frightening thinning out of life forms.  

Subsequent factors paint a rather bleak, almost hopeless picture for the future:

Rainforest destruction, agricultural poisons, monocultures, bee and insect mortality, humus run-off, land grabbing and mass migration, over- and simultaneous malnutrition, wars, 

urbanisation, reckless world trade, nuclear power plants and their consequences, rising sea levels and the continuing unchecked increase in CO2 - to name but a few. 


Since the usual world trade processes within the capital structures are experiencing the same turbulence as our global climate, this is cleaning up all that is actually too much and also opening up paths towards what the industrialised countries and other peoples are lacking in terms of particularly helpful insights and new possibilities.


In addition to economic, biological and technical components, all this also has human and psychological effects; I will also try to address these in the following approaches.


The approaches presented here make it possible to reduce CO2 emissions, as well as steel and concrete consumption, by 90% and to save on a number of other resources.

In the question of who or what is able to save us from the consequences of the intensively dynamised, structurally conditioned threats, I came to further considerations - they refer to the innermost hidden humanity that fundamentally affects all values, traditions and religions. 


Some readers are interested in both - the technical future and the inner concerns of existence. 

So everyone can find and read something in this book ...



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> Soft technology meets global crisis <


Distribution partner for my book in the German area DE, CH, AT, wanted! It has 108 pages and contains all contents of this website. The unit price (per PoDfun) will be about 18 € plus postage.


Please contact me under or Tel.: +43 1 9195724. Thank you.



 # You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 


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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen. 


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# Why patent-free?

Reduced flows of money and goods are happening globally - shrinking to the regionally possible. Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of the ~ 8 billion majority, the turbulent climate and the general shortage of other opportunities. A lot of it is completely absurd - also because self-thinking and competition thinking will make way for a general >WE<.

Warum patentfrei? 

Global vollziehen sich gerade reduzierte Geld- und Warenströme; sie schrumpfen auf das Regionale. Bisherige Megastrukturen weichen dem Wertewandel der ~ 8 Milliarden-Menschheit, im turbulenten Klima und der allgemeinen Verknappung weiterer Möglichkeiten. Vieles führt sich nun selbst ad-absurdum - auch, weil das Ich- und Konkurrenzdenken einem allgemeinen >WIR< Platz machen wird.


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