Traps for swarms of locusts


Inspired by the great plague 2020:



Simple, large, net-covered frames would be cheap to create.


Heuschrecken, Grashüpfer, Insekt


Large, net-covered frames can be produced cheaply and easily as follows:


The body is made of long bamboo poles. In "peacetime" these are stacked under tarpaulins.


By inserting the thinner bar end into a thick bar start, units of any length are created.


With e.g. 50 m side length and 10 m height, the net traps, made of 100 bamboo poles and 4,500 m² net, form a volume of 25,000 m³.


Alignable to the direction of flight of the arriving swarm, the respective side front is left on the ground and thus forms the open entry into the cage.


Several tons of the protein-rich grasshoppers can be caught in it and, depending on the circumstances, used for agricultural purposes.


Gradually, charred in easy-to-do pyrolysis stoves, the scent scares away other locusts from the area and results in a good soil improvement as a Animal charcoal fertilizer. Large parts of the yield could serve as food for the pets or possibly also for the humans.


Attractants - which would have to be developed - could let the swarms fly into such traps.


Ducks like to eat live grasshoppers as well as harmful rice snails in large quantities from the field.



The goal must be a harmoniously tolerable population. It is not intended to overstate the “harmful side of grasshopper species”, nor to endanger the need for safe crop yields of local people.



At best, these approaches should also flow to the UNHCR. FAO and UNIDO for further implementation.



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From Wikipedia:   Combat

A swarm of migratory locusts (Southern Madagascar, 2014)

To prevent grasshopper populations from growing, insecticides such as organophosphates (e.g. malathion), carbamates (e.g. bendiocarb) and synthetic pyrethroids (e.g. deltamethrin) are used so that the number of larvae is reduced. There is also intensive research into biological grasshopper control agents (such as pheromones). The advantages are obvious: pheromones allow the locusts to be combated in a species-specific manner, do not damage the natural enemies of the locusts and at most lead to low environmental pollution.


Similar effects can be achieved with the ingredients of Niembaumöl. The main active ingredients are azadirachtin, salannin, meliantriol, nimbin and nimbidin. Azadirachtin is the main component of the never oil and is obtained from the pressed seeds of the never tree. The substance inhibits larval development, while melian triol directly protects the useful plants and discourages locusts. In contrast, the no-active substances are relatively harmless to humans, mammals and many other insects.


If the animals have already formed a swarm, commercial insecticides are used. This is most effective at dawn when the animals are still inactive. At this point, a large amount of insecticide can then be spread over the area by plane, ideally to kill the entire swarm.


In China, ducks were successfully used against a locust plague around the turn of the millennium. 



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