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This self-help project is a voluntary commitment to offer women, men and possibly children accommodation and support for their specific way of life.


It is not a usual emergency shelter or women's shelter - however, it wants to convey to its inhabitants in the up to six months possible stay mental self-discovery and positive strength for the further life. 


Applicants from all walks of life are selected to learn from each other and grow together in respectful cooperation. For rent plus full board the client has to pay 13 € per day&night - 390 € per month. This income is used to finance the two half-day salaries of the association management, in addition to the costs of the support programme.


In order to promote the project publicly, a symbolic annual lease, which can be extended to 5 years, would be a noble and socially meaningful basis. The local community could

also pay half of the electricity costs.


The city-ASYL needs a parking space in addition to the cheerfully motivated team. The task and goal would then be to enable each of the 14 residents to progress independently on a discreet basis of trust during their stay of up to six months. 


A foundation-free 110 m² mansard roof with a central common room and a row of private living rooms (a' 7 m²) on both sides is planned as a club building. The kitchen, the dining area and the sanitary facilities are located in front of it - under an equally large pent roof.


The advantages of the planned city-ASYL "hardware" are  # mobile lightweight construction.  # 100% wooden-ecological material.   # simple hand tools are sufficient to erect this rooftop-only building, which is also sufficient to dismantle and reassemble the 1.25 x 2.5 m elastomer-jointed individual modules*.  The modules in finished OSB standard dimensions are practical to handle.




Before a construction site is set up, a survey of the surrounding area and hearings must be conducted to ensure that the project is sufficiently accepted (in Vienna, for example, the "Viennese Wilderness" on the Margarthengürtel near the U4 underground line would be suitable - as there is sufficient space and hardly any neighbours).




 The city-ASYL - Building


The foundation-free lightweight construction of the city-ASYL, which can basically be erected at any location, offers a highly cost-effective construction method.




If your company has the concept


eligible for funding, and you can support it with


or financial donations - would 


we are pleased - your company logo with 


further supporter logos into the


 to integrate the coming web presence.


More about city-ASYL video and the building project can be viewed at 




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     city-ASYL - banquet


The 3x communal meals will be provided by donations from various supermarkets, which the residents will pick up themselves daily with carts. 


The "banquet" is at fixed times at 8 h, 13 h and 19 h. Every day, a changing team of residents prepares the meals and then "clears the boat".


Guests from out of town can join in if sufficient food is available. Menu, coffee and cake are available for 7,50 €. The preparation, serving and dining takes place under the flying roof. On its three free sides hang reed panels. The food is eaten at marquee sets. On cold days, infrared radiators warm up the food, and in hot weather, fans cool the food. 


The encounter of people with their different life stories wants to and can give everyone a new perspective for their own way.


For "leisure time", badminton and various table and group games, a book board, sewing, pottery, language courses, making music, painting, dance, gymnastics and much more are planned. The supervisors offer - according to their talents with their own focus - a colourful daily structure in a constantly changing schedule. Whether it's an excursion, singing, yoga, refresher courses in ABC and 3 x 3 or a basic PC course - there are always encounters and useful things in the program.  


A fenced-in children's play area with a swing, seesaw, sand pit, etc. could be attached to the southern flank. This area may be used - under the responsibility of parental supervision.


Also the house and the food tent should be surrounded by a building fence, raised beds and berry bushes - so that there is only one access (with motion detector).


In cold weather, the 10 by 4.5 meter middle room of the building, in addition to its devotional use, also offers play and cuddling for parents and their children. Screens form a partition to the rest of the square, which all residents can use on weekdays for their various activities.


* * *


The 7 m² private living area 


Each of these 16 private rooms has 4 m² of living space measuring 3.3 m x 1.23 m x 2.5 m room height and has a 24x24 cm window. Above this there is a 3 m² attic room, which is accessible via a folding ladder.  

In addition to the bed equipment, there is also a wardrobe, table, folding chair, three LED lamps and a digital radio with headphones. 


Binge drinking and smoking in the house are not allowed! The deliberately tight support programme does not include inappropriate casual contact with clients, nor does it include the teaching of stiff dogmas that are too religiously colored!

However, a human togetherness at eye level should promote the good and salutary in a denomination-neutral way.


 The city-ASYL association sees itself as an aid community, meeting and escape for people in crisis from various areas of life - not more!


The residents can keep their sleeping hours around the clock; however, there is a general night's rest from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. The property is then secured with, among other things, an all-night vision recording system. Two toilets in the canopy, washbasin and shower, have their 12V LED permanent lighting.


The shower water is regulated for three minutes, so that there is enough hot water for everyone. There is also a washing machine and refrigerators that can be used by the residents. 


 * * *


The Workroom Chapel


Normally the central 45 m² serve as a work and recreation room. But on Sunday it is a prepared meeting place of a special kind.


As a chapel it offers a low-threshold access to prayer and Communion - also to the wider environment. So long no deacon can be found, communion in the Lord's Supper is practised - in the alternative approach among lay people - with weekly readings and the usual liturgy. 

Instead of the songbooks, the respective worship text is projected onto the wall by a mini beamer. No offering money is collected.  


Of course, Muslim residents, for example, can also hold their special celebrations as laymen.

Participation - as with all other offers - is always voluntary.


A daily evening meditation, with time for general and interdenominational conversation among the simple lay people, can also be used. Because especially in difficult times we ask - full of doubt and search for hope - for God in a special way! The tenor here is - to reach insights, strength and inner peace in the self. ** 


This multi-purpose building also carries neither a tower nor a bellnor does it have candles anywhere. Instead of watching television, we explore more the surroundings in woods and fields or  bathing in a natural pond on a bicycle tour. It also has an aquarium, songbirds and a domestic cat.


Outside of the mass the beamer projects meditative images in alternating sequence. 

In the 4.5 x 1.5m porch in front of the chapel are the entrances to the office and storage room.


Two 720 litre hot water tanks are centrally located in the porch - they are connected to two solar thermal tube collectors on the south roof. This space is also used by e-PV module for 12V consumers.   


(The students of the HTL-Mödling Holzbau master class could possibly carry out the prefabrication and finishing of the 80 elements of the ASYL building - with the provision of the material and my assistance.)





















The combination of spiritual and bodily panels is likely to be the city-ASYL project among the needy of our cities - little by little - and find lively resonance.  




* These wall modules framed in 15 mm plywood weigh approx. 60 kg. They consist of two 12 mm OSB/3 panels, with squared timbers installed at parallel intervals of 25 cm inside.  These are only in diagonal longitudinal edge contact with the boards and therefore do not form a thermal bridge.  To prevent the thermal circulation of residual air, the room has crumpled newsprint (and some zeolite) inserted between the standing timbers.

The two modular panels are wallpapered on the outside with heat-reflecting aluminium foil using a special paste. In the course of the roof construction (by means of silicone grouting), a simple reed mat back-ventilated with roof battens and a greenhouse foil is attached to the roof slope. This results in an anti-reflective and visually interesting surface. Under the roof, a wallpaper is stuck onto the aluminium foil.

Finally, most of the air is evacuated from each module via its interior pneumatic ball valve by means of a rotary vane pump. 


This is how the outer walls, which are only 8.4 cm thick but still capable of bearing loads and highly insulating in a rough vacuum, are created - which can be readjusted after long-term diffusion. The supporting & partition walls use 18 mm OSB. As a T-trailer they carry a 7 cm wide, glued and screwed plywood slat on the top. 

The shed roof in front of the "OnlyRoof-Boulding" is made of reed mats covered with transparent greenhouse foil, which rest on a wooden support frame. The mats hanging down at the edges roll up in the event of wind, individually controlled by sensors or all together in the event of a storm.  By means of colourful dispersions they can be given a pleasing decor.

The building measures 11 x 10 metres and is 6.5 metres high at the gable. It rests on an underlaid 25 mm OSB board. Together with fence and hedge about 300 m² of land are necessary. The city-ASYL construction project will cost around 35,000 euros when fully equipped. 


** The altar area is, in my imagination, brightly lit and shines in simple beauty. Upholstered chairs offer space for tired souls - and the festive atmosphere encourages to stay.  For example, the oval altar plate would be made of white, roughly hewn marble, resting on an old olive tree stump. In east-west direction, one rose window each is visible at a height of 4 metres.

The 45 m² room area has a cheerful, colourful covering and the OSB walls are three metres high and white with a delicate decoration. The light blue sub-roof is decorated with golden stars. Rising up at 1.25-metre intervals are Gibel-forming OSB ribs whose cut edges bear brass trim.



Michael Thalhammer - Entwickler techischer Innovationen



 If you are interested to participate, please contact me:   


   or 01 9195724



Similar city-ASYL club buildings with this social concept could be imitated in several other cities. In Vienna alone, the need for further branches could be met.



  On the way to light leave no one behind! (Peter Rosegger)


At www.vimeo.con/293395008 you can find my 3-D animation of the planned city-ASYL building. Another alternative vacuum wall construction can be seen on my website




Michael Thalhammer, Vienna on 13.7.2020




  Participation is - as with all other offers - completely voluntary.


The total interior space covers 109 m².

54 m² are added as floor space, divided between the 18 units.

The central day room measures 45 m².

Each of the 16 residents has 7 m² of space all to themselves.

Two times a' seven m² are reserved for the office and the warehouse - this makes 18 equal units.






        210m² 25mm coarse chipboard for floor + black construction foil            2.300.- Euro

210m² PVC floor covering + adhesive                                                       2.300.-

400lm floor underlay, rough sawn, 5x20cm                                                1.600.- 

700m² 12mm &18mm OSB f. roof and walls                                             4.000.-

380lm 5x5cm + 350lm 2x2cm f. sandwich panel construction                      560.- 

       100m² 10mm chipboard for                           //                                     1.040.-

600 lm roof battens                                                                                         300.-

460m² aluminium foil, 3m² ESG insulating glass panes                                 430.-

special wallpaper paste f. 460 m²                                                                     200.- 

380m² reed mat, 380m² tunnel foil                                                                1.000.- 

beamer, LEDs, DAB+ and other electronics                                                1.800.-

tube collector + solar tank compl.                                                                 2.600.-

PV system for 12V consumer e.g. Led lighting                                            1.100.-

18 pcs. door locks                                                                                              220.- 

4/beer tent sets - tables 70cm wide                                                                   380.-

15 stacking chairs + upholstery                                                                        130.-

25/ Air guest beds with double bedding                                                        1.500.-

Office - laptop, copier + mobile phone                                                             600.-

1/ Washing machine + 3/ Refrigerators, sewing machine                              2,300.-

2 WC + shower, sewage access, lightning rod                                               1.250.-

kitchen equipment + crockery + stove                                                            2.200.-

4/Headscreen infrared panel, 8/mini-ecoHeater, fans                                     1.000.-

Children's play tower with 2 swings and slide + sand                                       720.-

Bicycles, handcart, fire blankets, bandages, ironing machine                        1.200.-

23 pcs. site fence 3,5x2m, with base                                                               1.200.-

100 pcs. berry shakers                                                                                     1.400.-

4 pcs. raised bed a' 57.-                                                                                      230.-


                                                                                            = in total approx.   33.390.- €



The goods come mainly from e.g. do-it-yourself stores, which then also

main donors should appear.


You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 


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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen. 


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# Why patent-free?

Reduced flows of money and goods are happening globally - shrinking to the regionally possible. Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of the ~ 8 billion majority, the turbulent climate and the general shortage of other opportunities. A lot of it is completely absurd - also because self-thinking and competition thinking will make way for a general >WE<.

Warum patentfrei? 

Global vollziehen sich gerade reduzierte Geld- und Warenströme; sie schrumpfen auf das Regionale. Bisherige Megastrukturen weichen dem Wertewandel der ~ 8 Milliarden-Menschheit, im turbulenten Klima und der allgemeinen Verknappung weiterer Möglichkeiten. Vieles führt sich nun selbst ad-absurdum - auch, weil das Ich- und Konkurrenzdenken einem allgemeinen >WIR< Platz machen wird.


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