Climate-neutral energy options



The only climate-neutral energy options that will probably soon be ecologically permissible are geothermal and solar thermal energy, wind and water power and the use of solar film. 

The use of nuclear, fossil, cobalt and lithium will then have to be avoided - despite the high energy density required.


Why?  Because transport and the global economy as well as chemicals and turbo agriculture will come under pressure due to several coinciding factors and the existing structures will suffer an unusual collapse.

This is why the solutions offered here should and will be implemented.

This is the vision I have been sharing for two decades, a vision that has a decisive influence on our earthly existence and which is being implemented because of the growing pressure of suffering. 


After all, the usual processes within capital structures are also experiencing the same turbulence as our global climate - and this eliminates everything that is actually too much, but also opens insight and ways to what we and others are lacking.


Politicians and the financial world can only follow and agree, because this group also wants to live on the same common tree of life. 

However, the commitment of all the relevant NGOs, environmentalists and researchers is still needed.


Only then will the natural goodness in human beings be able to unfold and give room to a broad satisfaction.

Although I am rather a rabbit's foot, I must still warn you, as Jonah once did in Nineveh. All the military strength and HiTec equipment will be ineffective - in the face of the total abyss. So let us pull the emergency brake - now! Necessity teaches us to pray. Only this trust can save us and leads to appropriate action.


We are doing today like an embryo before birth. It is also getting too tight for him and there is a thread of undersupply. Also, the little person cannot imagine the world expected an so he is seiced with a fear of existence. This includes this everlasting world - for its own justified - only hopeless ones get lost. But then ONE comes !  His name belongs to Jesus - that is, Savior. He teaches us - we need each other & we need Christ.

Whether the inventions shown helped found another epoch, we know from belief in live and not from the fear of death. It also means having only the positive "critical mass" that push for a real change in values.


Vienna on 19 June 2020                                       





The "coincidence" of good ideas usually overtakes me at night - in my sleep - like a gift to mankind that comes from above.

Other principles have unfortunately been instilled in us from BELOW; such as the use of uranium, dynamite or the motorised combustion of fossil fuels. They brought about unspeakable, mass suffering in war or the inglorious climate warming caused by the unchecked increase in CO2 worldwide.


This also brought about the restless competition. Because permafrost is now also releasing its methane, the rapidly changing climate could become hell on earth.

Let us therefore quickly seize effective opportunities - which, by means of technical and also intellectual alternatives or habits, guarantee a timely reversal and ensure a livelihood for further generations.






 # You and every Company can these approaches  expand to an product line of its trademark. No patents - no strict conditions. 


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Sie und jede Firma können diese Ansätze zu einer Produktlinie Ihrer Marke ausbauen. Keine Patente, keine strikten Bedingungen. 


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# Why patent-free?

Reduced flows of money and goods are happening globally - shrinking to the regionally possible. Previous megastructures are giving way to the change in values of the ~ 8 billion majority, the turbulent climate and the general shortage of other opportunities. A lot of it is completely absurd - also because self-thinking and competition thinking will make way for a general >WE<.

Warum patentfrei? 

Global vollziehen sich gerade reduzierte Geld- und Warenströme; sie schrumpfen auf das Regionale. Bisherige Megastrukturen weichen dem Wertewandel der ~ 8 Milliarden-Menschheit, im turbulenten Klima und der allgemeinen Verknappung weiterer Möglichkeiten. Vieles führt sich nun selbst ad-absurdum - auch, weil das Ich- und Konkurrenzdenken einem allgemeinen >WIR< Platz machen wird.


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